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Visitor FAQs

Due to current COVID conditions and for the safety of everyone, the Museum requires that all visitors 2 years of age and older wear a face covering/mask.

All visitors (except Museum members) must reserve a timed ticket for Exhibit Halls in advance of your visit. This includes children under the age of 3. Tickets can be purchased via mos.org, 24 hours a day or by phone 617-723-2500 daily between the hours of 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Click here to see our Visitor Code of Conduct

Purchasing Tickets and Passes

  • -   What are my options for purchasing tickets?

    Members: We are not requiring members to book timed tickets in advance at this time. If you do wish to reserve timed tickets in advance, or use any of your bonus passes, you may do so online at mos.org/tickets, or over the phone by calling 617-589-0180 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. daily. You must be logged into your membership account to reserve tickets online. Learn more about your online account, and how to use electronic bonus passes here.

    Nonmembers: All visitors must reserve / purchase a timed ticket. Advanced reservations are required. Nonmember tickets can be reserved / purchased online at www.mos.org/tickets or over the phone 617-723-2500. Capacity is limited to allow for safe distancing, so it is strongly recommended that you reserve / purchase your tickets ahead of your visit. Once capacity is reached, we will be unable to allow entry to any more guests.

    Admission price is: $29 for adults, $24 children ages (3 – 11), please know that children under 3 are free; however, still require a timed ticket and $25, seniors.

    Employees of Corporate Members: Employees of corporate members with “show & go” access will need to call science central 617-723-2500, during regular business hours, in order to reserve tickets. Employees of corporate members who have paper passes in their possession can reserve tickets by going to mos.org/redeem and entering the code on their paper passes, OR they can call science central, 617-723-2500, to reserve. For more details on corporate membership or to find information regarding Museum benefits for employees of corporate members, please visit: www.mos.org/corporate-membership.

  • -   Is the Museum accepting free / discounted admissions?

    The Museum is offering limited free or discounted admissions, which include, Exhibit Halls passes issued by the Museum, MA WIC / EBT/ Healthcare Connector Card, US Active Duty Military, Corporate Membership (with corporate ID), Library Passes, Wonderfund, and Boston CityPASS (visit mos.org/ways-to-save for more information).

    The Museum also participates in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) reciprocal program and Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) passport program. Our members can use their membership card for free or discounted admission to nearly 500 zoos, aquariums and science centers worldwide. Members of participating institutions must call ahead to reserve timed tickets. To find out more about our Reciprocal Admission program, visit mos.org/reciprocity.

    Museum capacity is limited to allow for safe distancing so timed tickets are required. It is recommended that you make your reservation in advance of your visit. To reserve a timed ticket, please call 617-723-2500 and be ready to describe the type of free or discounted pass you have. Once your tickets are reserved, you will receive a ticket confirmation via email. Please have your confirmation as well any required verification of your free or discounted purchase that may apply, available to present at the Exhibit Halls entrance.

Booking Tickets Online or over the Phone

  • -   The date I want to visit on is sold out, can I purchase tickets when I get there?

    No. All tickets must be purchased in advance of your visit. This allows us to manage occupancy to maintain safe distancing for the safety of our staff and other visitors. We strongly recommend making your reservation ahead of your visit. If tickets are sold out for a given day, please select another date to visit. You can reserve your tickets online, 24 hours a day, by visiting mos.org/tickets or by calling 617-723-2500, during regular business hours, in order to secure your date and time.

  • -   Can I reserve tickets for a group visit or field trip?

    School Field Trips are currently available. While the Museum is following the current City-wide vaccination requirement, this does not apply to students (pre-kindergarten through grade 12) participating in public and non-public school trips. For more details please read the update in Field Trips

Planning Your Visit

The Museum has been transformed to offer a safe, fun experience for visitors, but that does mean some things have changed. Learn more on what you can expect when you visit the Museum.

4-D Theater

Museum Health and Safety

At the Museum of Science, the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, and visitors is our number one priority. The Museum has developed a new set of routines and requirements to help ensure we do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19. A visit to the Museum should be an enjoyable and memorable experience, and to preserve that opportunity, we ask all of our visitors to be respectful of each other and commit to these behaviors while in the Museum.

Click here to see our Visitor Code of Conduct

Member FAQs

For answers to more frequently asked questions about visiting the Museum, visit our FAQ page

If you are an employee of a Corporate Member, you can contact corpmemb@mos.org with any additional questions.

  • -   I'm a Museum of Science member, do I need to reserve timed tickets?

    No, we are not requiring members to book timed tickets in advance at this time. If you do wish to reserve timed tickets in advance, or use any of your bonus passes, you may do so online at mos.org/tickets, or over the phone by calling 617-589-0180 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. daily. You must be logged into your membership account to reserve tickets online. Learn more about your online account, and how to use electronic bonus passes here.

  • -   I'm an employee of a corporate member, how do I reserve tickets?

    Corporate member employees who have "Show & Go" access by showing a company ID will need to call Science Central 617-723-2500, during regular business hours, to make a reservation. Corporate member employees who have individual, single-use passes will need to visit mos.org/redeem to make a reservation. The Museum’s Corporate Relations team will share additional information and instructions specific to your company's corporate membership. Feel free to email corpmemb@mos.org with any questions.

  • -   Will member bonus passes be honored?

    Yes, member bonus passes will be honored. Please keep in mind that due to current public health guidance, we recommend visiting the Museum with members of your household only. You may use your Exhibit Halls passes to reserve additional tickets if your group needs more admissions than your membership level allows or you may give your passes to friends to visit on their own.

  • -   Will the Museum still offer live presentations including the show in the Theater of Electricity?

    Yes, we will be offering select live presentations in Cahners Theater, as well as Lightning! in our Theater of Electricity. Admission to these shows will be available on a first come, first served basis.

  • -   Will member parking rates still apply at the Museum garage?

    Yes, member parking rates will still apply. You will need to bring your garage ticket inside to pay at the automated kiosks. Your parking discount will be applied when you scan your membership card at the kiosk.

  • -   Have any exhibits been removed and / or venues will be closed when you reopen?

    Our Museum Exhibits team has thoroughly reviewed every exhibit component and as a result, the Discovery Center and the Suit/Cabot Lab are currently closed.

    The Museum is very excited to introduce several new exhibits as part of Exhibit Halls admission as well. Visit our Exhibits page to learn about new exhibits at the Museum, including two new permanent exhibits Arctic Adventure: Exploring with Technology, and Engineering Design Workshop, Powered by MathWorks.

  • -   Will there be temperature checks or other health screenings for visitors before entry to the Museum is allowed?

    There will not be temperature checks for guests. All Museum staff participate in daily health screenings before they arrive to work. Visitors are asked to self-screen at home and stay home if unwell. Please read the Visitor Code of Conduct prior to your visit.

  • -   Will my membership expiration date be extended for the time you were closed?

    Memberships were extended for 4 months following our first closure in 2020. We will be communicating information to members in the coming weeks regarding options for the December 17, 2020 - February 8, 2021 closure.

    If you renewed your membership prior to April 2020 you will still have your old expiration date on your cards. We are not reprinting these membership cards to keep costs controlled in this unique time. Membership expiration dates have been updated from our initial closure and will be updated before your membership hits its original expiration date. You can log into your account to see your current membership information, including expiration date.

  • -   Do my reciprocal admission benefits still apply?

    Before visiting another organization in the AZA and ASTC networks please check the organization’s web site and call them to see if they are still offering reciprocal admission to other institution’s members. Due to reduced capacity and need for timed tickets, some organizations, including the Museum of Science, are suspending participation in this program. Please also keep in mind that most organizations are managing a lot of changes right now and their websites may not be updated, so it is best to call if possible.