Corporate and Foundation Engagement

Together, we can shape the next generation of STEM learners.

The Museum of Science’s corporate and foundation partners share our mission to engage and empower everyone to shape our future through STEM. Together, we can be the catalyst for change in Massachusetts and around the world. Partners support a variety of initiatives: innovative pilot programs, core Museum priorities like student access, and capital projects aimed at building a Museum that is more relevant and inclusive to the communities we serve.

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Help us deepen our impact on all who visit the Museum.

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Corporate Partnerships

We develop partnerships that leverage the best our partners have to offer: talented employees, innovative products, and financial resources. Joined with the Museum’s deep knowledge of STEM education and our strong partnerships with schools and community organizations, we build sustainable, high-impact programs that make a difference in people’s lives.

For more information on corporate support, please contact Maggie Lynch at or call 617-589-0461.

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Foundation Partnerships

Funding from foundations helps us inspire young learners, maximize on the visitor experience through the development of new permanent and traveling exhibits, and create new programming and supplemental curricula that enables us to reach new audiences across New England and beyond.

For more information on foundation support, please contact Hannah McKeen at or call 617-589-4493.

Enhance your company's commitment to STEM.

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership at the Museum of Science gives corporations, nonprofits, community groups, and universities a unique opportunity to drive employee engagement and satisfaction while supporting the Museum and its community partners through the Community Access Program (CAP).

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Help make the Museum one of the world’s leading science centers.

Whether you choose to invest in our interactive exhibits, engaging programs, or innovative curriculum, you advance our goal of expanding the public’s access to and understanding of engineering, technology, and the sciences.