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Earthshift, Warming stripes image credit: Professor Ed Hawkins (University of Reading), CC-BY4.0 license, via

Warming stripes image credit: Professor Ed Hawkins (University of Reading), CC-BY4.0 license, via

Meet the Team

Jonathan Fanning (he/him)

Co-Producer for the Centers for Public Science Learning

Jonathan has an academic background in cultural anthropology and has researched the impact of climate change and ecological turmoil while in communities in Texas, Nepal, and Guam. He has over a decade of experience as an informal STEM educator and is a passionate advocate for public participation in science and scientific inclusion.

Sloane Garelick, PhD (she/her)

Bilingual Education Associate in Museum Programs

Sloane has over 5 years of experience developing and teaching Earth and environmental science lessons in K-12 and undergraduate classrooms. For her doctoral research, Sloane studied climate change on Earth over the past 20,000 years, and is interested in using these past natural variations in climate to better understand current and future anthropogenic climate change and its impact of ecosystems and communities.

Becca Siladi (she/her)

‪Education Associate

Becca has worked in informal science education for over 10 years. Her current role in Museum Programs includes stage presentations, hands on interpretations, and developing content for teachers. She is passionate about Earth systems and how our planet changes.

David Sittenfeld, PhD (he/him)

Director of the Center for the Environment 

David has served as an educator at the Museum for more than 20 years, overseeing special projects and network-scale activities at the intersection of climate science and society. He holds a PhD in public policy with a concentration in sustainability and resilience from Northeastern University, where he researched and implemented participatory methods and geospatial modeling and visualization techniques for environmental health assessment and public engagement about climate-related hazards.

Sarah Vincent (she/her)

Centers Fellow at the Museum of Science

Sarah a science communicator with over ten years’ experience, and is pursuing a degree in quantum physics. Her work with the Museum is focused on quantum physics and communicating the potential ways quantum technologies can enhance our sustainable future. Sarah’s favorite environment topics include sustainable energy and community action.

Sara Winslow (she/her)

Co-Producer for the Centers for Public Science Learning

Sara has worked in informal education for over 7 years. Her current role involves embedding current science into science learning experiences across the Museum and in the community. Sara has degrees in marine biology and marine affairs and is passionate about oceans, climate change, and marine debris.