The Museum of Science is partnering with Kahoot! to pair engaging videos from Museum educators and popular science communicators with curricula designed for your students and learners. Explore our collections including space, Mars, animals, and climate, and come back for new kahoots!

Images from the Kahoot platform and kahoots made by the Museum of Science


Discover everyday science that makes the world around you awesome! Watch as Alex Dainis shows real-life examples of science that you can see or test on your own and then test your knowledge with a Quizlet set made by expert educators from the Museum of Science. Bring your knowledge with you for your next science test or show off by sharing a fun fact with friends and family.

Images from the Quizlet platform and Quizlet sets made by the Museum of Science


The Museum of Science has partnered with TinyTap to create education games for pre-Kindergarten learners ages 3-6. Share the wonders of our world with your young scientists with these interactive, storytelling games.


Images from the TinyTap platform and TinyTap made by the Museum of Science

EiE Families Let's Learn Together

In April 2020, through a generous grant from Overdeck Family Foundation, EiE was able to build fun, free activities to encourage families to enjoy engineering together.

Working on these activities as a family will help your children develop creative problem-solving skills, collaboration skills, and resilience. You definitely do not need to be a professional engineer to share those skills with your family! You might just surprise each other with your creativity and skills.

A collage of images from EiE classroom experiences