Membership Policies

For general questions about visiting the Museum please read our Visitor FAQs.

  • Up to two adults living in the same household may be listed on the membership card.
  • When visiting, at least one member who lives in the household must be present.
  • Admission privileges do not include visits with school groups.
  • Memberships are nontransferable, and cannot be shared between households.
  • Memberships are not refundable.
  • Legal Notice. All annual and other memberships are revocable licenses. The Museum reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership and/or deny admission without refund for noncompliance with applicable rules and terms or for inappropriate conduct.

Privacy Policy

The Museum of Science never exchanges or sells member email addresses. From time to time we collaborate with other not-for-profit organizations to offer special promotions and interesting opportunities to our members. In such cases, we may exchange member names and postal addresses. If you do not want your name or mailing address shared with other organizations, please notify us at 617-589-0180 or

Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

How do I log into my online account?

Go to Log-in using the email address used to purchase your membership. If you didn’t purchase your membership online, or your last login was before September 20, 2022, you will need to reset your password by hitting “Forgot Password”. If you have any issues, please call 617-589-0180 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

How do I use my bonus passes?

Online: Once logged in to your account, add tickets for the show(s) you’d like to see to your cart. Your bonus passes will automatically apply to your cart for the first two (Basic level) or four (Premier level) tickets to Omni, Planetarium, or Exhibit Halls tickets above the number covered under your membership.

Phone: 617-589-0180; Our phones are staffed daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
In-Person: Go to the Box Office to redeem your passes.
Passes are for one-time use and will expire with your membership.

Can I roll over my unused passes to my next year membership?

Membership bonus passes expire one year from date of membership purchase and must be used prior to expiration.

Expired legacy paper passes, which are generally blue, ivory, or green, may be used by active members only. Paper passes that contain a gift code must be used prior to their printed expiration date.

Can I use my Museum of Science membership to visit another museum, aquarium, or zoo?

Yes! Your membership includes free or discounted admission to nearly 500 participating science centers and zoos worldwide. Check the full list on our reciprocity page. Please be sure to call each institution before your visit to confirm their current reciprocity status.

I have a physical and digital membership card, which one should I use?

Your physical or digital membership card will work at the Exhibit Halls entrance and all locations where you receive a member discount. To receive a parking discount, all members will need to visit the Box Office or Information Desk.

Can I give my membership card to a friend or relative to use for a visit? What about my child’s nanny or caregiver?

Your nanny or caregiver may use your membership if they are accompanying your child. They must bring a note from you saying that they are allowed to use the membership to bring your child to the Museum. You may not share your membership with other friends or families. Only those within your household are allowed to use your membership.

I used to be able to gift my bonus passes from my account, is there still a way to do that?

Unfortunately, you can no longer gift your passes to someone outside of your membership. You can book tickets using your bonus passes on their behalf and forward them the confirmation email containing the QR code for admittance. They cannot use your membership card to gain admittance into the Exhibit Halls.


I already bought Exhibit Halls tickets. Can my purchase go toward a new membership?

Yes! If you decide to purchase a membership after visiting the Museum, you may apply the cost of your Exhibit Halls tickets to a new membership if it is purchased on-site or over the phone within five days of your visit. The maximum number of tickets you may apply is limited to the number of admissions the new membership allows (e.g., if you purchase a Premier 2 membership you may put the cost of two tickets towards your year of membership). Omni, Planetarium , and discounted tickets may not be applied to memberships.


Is my membership good for a calendar year, or for a full year from time of purchase?

Memberships are good for one full year from the time of purchase. Our memberships expire at the end of the month of purchase the following year. If you are renewing, your new membership year will begin when your current membership expires.

Now that I am a member, how do I get into the Museum?

Members can walk directly up to the Exhibit Halls entrance and show their physical or digital membership card for free admission up to the number of guests allowed by your membership.

How long does it take to receive my membership cards? How do I visit the Museum before my cards arrive?

Your digital membership card will be emailed to you and will appear on your online account immediately after you purchase your membership and can be used at the Exhibit Halls entrance for admittance into the Museum.

If you find yourself at the Museum without your physical card and unable to access your digital card, visit the purple Members line at the box office with a photo ID to pick up a temporary card.

Can I still use an expired membership card?

Expired membership cards will work at the Exhibit Halls entrance as long as you have an active membership and the membership number on the card matches your current membership number. To receive the parking, store, or café member discount, you may be required to show a current membership card. You can always request a temporary card at the Box Office.

Can I get a refund for my membership if I have not used it?

We typically do not issue refunds for memberships, however, please call us at 617-589-0180 or email us at if the circumstances are extenuating.


Can I change the names listed on my cards?

To change or correct names listed on your membership card, please email or call 617-589-0180 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. These changes cannot be made online.


What is the difference between a Basic membership and a Premier membership?

The difference between the two levels of membership is the number of free, one-time use passes and the parking benefit:

All Basic Level memberships come with two Omni, two Planetarium, and two Exhibit Halls guest passes each year — plus a 10% parking discount.

All Premier Level memberships come with four Omni, four Planetarium, and four Exhibit Halls guest passes each year — plus two hours of free parking. Parking in the Museum garage is available on a first come, first serve basis.

All members receive discounted tickets to Omni, Planetarium, and 4-D Theater ($5 per ticket). Members also receive a 10% discount in the store and café.

Check out the full list of benefits.

I'm a Basic Level member. Can I upgrade my membership level to Premier? Can I upgrade the number of guests that my membership level permits?

Members may upgrade from Basic to Premier and/or any increase in admissions at any time. If your membership expires within four months, consider renewing early and receive your new benefits for the duration of your current membership in addition to the new membership year. All upgrades must happen in-person or on the phone, you are currently unable to upgrade a membership online. Upgrades are not prorated. Downgrading to a lower number of admissions, or from a Premier to Basic level, is only allowed during renewal.

Can I buy a household membership for my workplace?

No, memberships are for households. We do have a corporate membership option that will allow your employees to have free entry into the Museum. Learn more here.


Can I receive a discount on my membership? What is the One-Step program?

You can’t receive a discount on the initial membership purchase, but you can when you renew! When purchasing your membership online, select “Yes, renew annually” to enroll in our One-Step autorenewal program and receive a 10% discount every time you automatically renew. The card used to purchase your membership will be charged annually at a 10% discount.

If you already purchased a membership and would like to join the One-Step program or you would like to change the credit card charged, call us 617-589-0180 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Can I still receive discounted parking if I don’t have my physical membership card?

Yes! You will need to get a parking chaser to receive your garage discount. You can get a chaser at either the Box Office or Information Desk.

Is there a membership discount for Military personnel?

There is no membership discount for military personnel, but active military personnel do get free admission to the Exhibit Halls for themselves only.

Is my membership tax deductible?

Yes, the difference between your membership price and the value of taxable benefits is tax deductible. If you decline to receive your bonus passes, the full price of your membership is deductible.

Please note that prices and market values are subject to change. We recommend you consult a tax advisor with questions.

Basic - $78
Premier - $156
Explorer - $156
Discoverer - $156
Innovator - $156

What happens after the first 2 hours of parking for Premier members?

After the first 2 hours of parking, Premier members are charged at the discounted member rate of 10% off the normal rate. You can view more information about membership parking rates as well general parking information here.

If I visit with a guest, do they get my parking discount too?

No, the membership parking discount applies to one vehicle per visit.