Immersive Theaters

Experience a world of wonder when you see a film or show in one of our three immersive theaters!

Visitors experience a planetarium show.

You don’t just watch a giant-screen film on New England’s only IMAX® Dome screen, you are engulfed in it! Get ready for a viewing experience that’s larger than life. And every bit as amazing. 

Omni films run approximately 50 minutes. Requires purchase of a timed ticket.

Experience amazing things during a Planetarium show. A descent through Jupiter’s atmosphere. The surface of an exoplanet. The night sky, velvety black and strewn with stars. Or even your favorite music, presented in an entirely new way. 

Planetarium shows run approximately 45 minutes. Requires purchase of a timed ticket.

In the 4-D Theater, industry-leading technology – starting with the seats themselves – offers a full-sensory experience that puts you in the middle of the story. This is one giant leap beyond 3-D. After all, why should your eyes and ears have all the fun? 

4-D films run approximately 15 minutes. Requires Exhibit Halls admission plus purchase of a timed ticket.

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