Incredible animals and reptiles on exhibit through January 2025

BOSTON, MA — Slow and steady wins the race. Survival of the Slowest, the new exhibition at the Museum of Science, Boston offers visitors the opportunity to meet live animal ambassadors that are slow, small, or weak to learn how the use of these traits helps them survive and thrive in the wild. Starting June 16, visitors will get up close to a sloth, iguana, hedgehog, and many more in Survival of the Slowest. 

Throughout Survival of the Slowest, guests will explore how what may seem to be counterintuitive adaptations are a means of survival in the natural world. Live animal presentations are scheduled throughout the day with educators from exhibition creators Little Ray’s Exhibitions. 

The exhibition is part of the Museum’s 2024 Year of the Earthshot, a yearlong exploration of climate solutions that will help us live sustainably on Earth.

Survival of the Slowest not only celebrates the fascinating world of slow-moving species, but helps us understand how organisms adapt to the Earth’s environment over time,” said David Sittenfeld, director of the Center for the Environment. “The exhibition is an excellent opportunity to observe the behavior of species who thrive in habitats all over the world. It celebrates biodiversity and the unique things that make each living creature on our planet special and underscores the importance of preserving and protecting our natural world.”

This exhibition is produced by Little Ray’s Exhibitions and F.A.R.E. (Little Ray’s Foundation for Animal Rescue and Education), a proud member of Canada's Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA), in partnership with the Canadian Museum of Nature. Most of the animals are rescues that have either been seized by the Canadian government or surrendered by their owners because they could not be properly cared for.

Survival of the Slowest is included with Exhibit Halls admission. For more information, please visit All visitors, including members, holders of MA EBT/WIC, ConnectorCare cards, and other free/discounted passes can reserve tickets in advance either online at or by phoning 617-723-2500. 

About Little Ray’s Exhibitions
Ottawa-based Little Ray’s Exhibitions was founded in 1995 as a family-based, educational outreach program and reptile rescue that has grown to be the largest exotic animal rescue in Canada. Its programming includes curriculum-based workshops for schools, museum and science center exhibits displayed across North America, Canada’s largest pet therapy program, and much more. Nationally accredited by the Canadian Association of Accredited Zoos and Aquariums, and licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Little Ray’s Nature Centre is one of the only institutions recognized and allowed by the City of Ottawa to work with prohibited animals.