Center for the Environment

The Center for the Environment brings together academia, industry, government, and the public to create a vision for—and a commitment to—a sustainable future for everyone.

An overhead photo of ice in blue-green water.

Climate change, energy insecurity, biodiversity loss, and air and water pollution all threaten the well-being of every human and ecosystem on the planet. Science and technology give us the tools we need to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of these environmental and energy concerns. Every degree that humans slow global warming through the swift and effective use of science and technology can save millions of human lives, and thousands of species of plants and animals.

A Portal for Current Science Communication

The Center for the Environment was created in March 2023 to inspire, inform, and empower people to accelerate progress. Led by David Sittenfeld, PhD, the Center brings together government, academia, industry, and the public to create a vision for—and a commitment to—a more sustainable future.

Through Dr. Sittenfeld’s network, the Center will be a portal for current science and technology to pour through the Museum to a public in need of practical reasons to believe humanity is up to the challenges posed by climate change and other environmental problems. The Center will produce programming not only for Museum visitors, but also for teachers, students, and a global online audience. The Center will deliver learning experiences through expert panels and lectures, town halls, online games and videos, exhibits and programs, K-12 curricula, community events, in-school programs, digital partnerships, and more.

A plant growing out of the ground.

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