Mission: Mars

Now available on Roblox!

We have liftoff! Welcome to Mars — rough, rugged, unexplored, and ready for astronauts like you to traverse right now on Roblox. How will you retrieve ice samples from the farthest reaches of the planet? How will you design a vehicle to cross enormous canyons and complete your missions?

Join Mission: Mars on Roblox

Launch Mission: Mars, where you are in charge!

  • Design, build, and solve missions to explore and survive on Mars.
  • Step into your Mars survival suit and design a hi-tech Mars Rover customized to accomplish your missions.
  • Collect samples of water ice, and rescue fellow researchers on the Red Planet.
  • In-game mechanics and environmental design are all based on true science principles, powered by actual NASA data.
  • Recommended for all ages.
  • Built in partnership with Roblox Education.
A player ina green spacesuit standing in front of a large Mars rover.

Explore the Red Planet

The fate of humanity on Mars is in your hands with Mission: Mars.

Join Mission: Mars on Roblox

Mission: Mars is a free educational experience on Roblox from the Museum of Science and Filament Games that challenges players to design and build vehicles fit for navigating challenges on Mars.

In the Classroom

Mission Mars Educator Guide

Developed by the Museum of Science, educators can use these lesson plans to introduce students to the basics of engineering and turn any Mission: Mars engineering mission into a whole-class engineering activity.

The cover of the Mission: Mars Educator Guide.

From the Roblox Community Fund

The Museum of Science is the first Roblox Community Fund (RCF) recipient to launch their experience since the fund’s introduction in November of 2021.