From the Lab: Plant-Based Pulled Pork from Tender Food

What’s on Tomorrow’s Menu? In this episode 2023 James Beard semi-finalist and Boston-based chef Douglass Williams speaks to Tender Food’s CEO Christophe Chantre about their plant-based meat products and cooks a plant-based pork cheese sub using Tender Food’s pulled “pork.”

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Mission: Mars

We have liftoff! Welcome to Mars — rough, rugged, unexplored, and ready for astronauts like you to traverse right now on Roblox. The fate of humanity on Mars is in your hands with Mission: Mars.

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Mission: Mars is a free educational experience on Roblox from the Museum of Science and Filament Games that challenges players to design and build vehicles fit for navigating challenges on Mars.

Recommended for all ages.
Built in partnership with Roblox Education.

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