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Changing Landscapes: An Immersive Journey

Opening December 6

Visit four UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

From the pyramids of Giza and the churches of Venice to the island community of Rapa Nui and the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde – join us on an immersive journey to heritage sites facing unprecedented challenges in a changing climate.

Using cutting-edge photogrammetry technology, immersive, awe-inspiring imagery, and engaging multi-modal interactives, this exhibition introduces you to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites affected by the climate crisis. Floor-to-ceiling multimedia, hands-on interactives, and model artifacts meld history, culture, science, and technology to transport you to these culturally significant locations. At each stop, you can take a deep dive into the impacts of Earth’s rapidly changing climate on places and peoples across the globe.

As you transition between sites, you will reflect on places in the world that you value, explore the scale and distribution of different climate hazards across the globe, and connect with organizations taking action to help us all adapt to life in Earth’s changing landscapes. This exhibit is part of the Museum's Year of the Earthshot, in which the Museum of Science explores the most innovative climate solutions of our times. 

Changing Landscapes: An Immersive Journey is made possible by the generous support of Bloomberg Philanthropies, with additional support from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. In partnership with UNESCO.

The four sites featured in the exhibition are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list:



Green Wing, Level 2. Find on map


Recommended for: Grades 4 – 12 and adults

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