Take Action

Together we can make a difference.

Discover new ways you can take climate action today and see how we really do hold the power of change in our own hands! From grassroots campaigns to climate-related policy and legislation - find a way to make an impact.

A child planting a tree, with the words "Take Action" in white.
Let your voice be heard!

Become a Climate Advocate

Explore climate-related policy across different states and in Congress to learn how legislation impacts how we live, how we move, how we eat, and how we work. 

How it works

  • Click on a subject and explore a map of all 50 states and Washington, DC, related to that climate issue to see what is happening in your corner of the country. 
  • Feeling inspired and empowered? Click the Take Action button. 
  • You’ll be redirected to a page where you can email and record a video to send to your local elected officials and let your voice be heard!
A series of screenshots showing the process of navigating a map, reading through bill sheets, and then taking action by contacting your local representative.

Be a Citizen Scientist

Share your experiences!

Observe, collect data, and share the small (and big) ways you, your community, and other communities are adapting to climate change.

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Record, share, and discuss!

The Boston City Nature Challenge is a collaborative bioblitz with cities worldwide to identify the most species within their regions.

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Science we can do together.

Learn how community-based participatory science (citizen science) tackles extreme heat, extreme precipitation, sea level rise, and drought.

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Get Involved

Together for the Mystic River

Get involved, participate in events, and learn more about the Mystic River Watershed.

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Protecting the nature of Massachusetts for people & wildlife

Get outdoors, participate in programs and events, and take action to protect the nature of Massachusetts.

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Nature Needs You

Show your love for nature by taking action today.

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Building grassroots climate resistance.

Help build community climate resilience through education and outreach, planning, and small-scale service projects.

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Engage Your Family with STEM Activities

Start in your own backyard!

Compare your ecosystem with that of your favorite animal in this Family STEM activity. How does climate change affect these ecosystems?

Combating climate change with creativity.

Can you design a floating base that will keep a model house safe in a flood? This Family STEM activity gives you the tools to find out!

Learn through experimentation.

Test how well different materials absorb heat. Do some materials get warmer than others in the sun? Do different colors make a difference?

Stay Informed.

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