Center for Life Sciences

The Center for Life Sciences brings together academia, industry, government, and the public to create a vision for—and a commitment to—making life sciences accessible and relevant for all.

A microscopic image of cells on a black background.

A Worldwide Audience

The Center for Life Sciences was created in January 2022 to help the public understand, and be inspired by, advances in life sciences. Inaugural Director lnsoo Hyun, PhD, leads the Center, bringing together government, industry, academia, and the public to build mutual understanding. From public health issues such as COVID or our national mental health crisis, to biomedical sciences such as discoveries in cancer therapies, to basic sciences such as advances in cell biology, the Center enables people to understand, make good choices about, and engage with the life sciences.

The Center creates programs not only for Museum visitors, but also for teachers, students, and a worldwide online audience. Dr. Hyun collaborates with a diverse Advisory Panel, drawn from the life sciences community, to deliver learning experiences locally and worldwide, including expert panels and lectures, town halls, online games and videos, exhibits and programs, K-12 curricula, community events, in-school programs, digital partnerships, and more.

A 3D rendering of a strand of DNA.

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