We've partnered with America's Test Kitchen's Joe Gitter to dive into the fascinating world of sustainable cooking. Join us as we uncover the hidden potential of aquafaba, that often-overlooked liquid found in canned chickpeas. Aquafaba is a culinary marvel, packed with proteins and starches, offering endless possibilities for eco-conscious cooking. From mayo substitutes to binding agents in burgers, its versatility knows no bounds. Today, we're showcasing its magic in the form of delectable meringue cookies, demonstrating how simple ingredients can create extraordinary treats. Step into the kitchen with us as we transform aquafaba into glossy peaks, resulting in cookies that are crispy on the outside and delightfully chewy within. With just a dash of creativity, you can turn everyday pantry staples into culinary wonders.

Explore the full recipe and more sustainable cooking tips at americastestkitchen.com, and discover additional resources for living sustainably at mos.org/earthshot. Together, let's embark on a journey to reduce food waste and embrace eco-friendly practices in the kitchen.