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Membership Policies and FAQ

Membership Policies

  • Up to two adults living in the same household may be listed on the membership card.
  • When visiting, at least one member named on the membership card must be present.
  • Admission privileges do not include visits with school groups.
  • Memberships are nontransferable, and cannot be shared between households.
  • Memberships are not refundable.
  • Legal Notice. All annual and other memberships are revocable licenses. The Museum reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership and/or deny admission without refund for noncompliance with applicable rules and terms or for inappropriate conduct.

Privacy Policy

The Museum of Science never exchanges or sells member email addresses. From time to time we collaborate with other not-for-profit organizations to offer special promotions and interesting opportunities to our members. In such cases, we may exchange member names and postal addresses. If you do not want your name or mailing address shared with other organizations, please notify us at 617-589-0180 or

Purchasing a Membership

  • -   I already bought Exhibit Halls tickets. Can my purchase go toward a new membership?

    If you decide to purchase a membership after visiting the Museum, you may apply the cost of your Exhibit Halls tickets to a new membership if it is purchased on-site on the same day as your visit. The maximum number of tickets you may apply is limited to the number of admissions the new membership allows (e.g., if you purchase a Premier 2 membership you may turn in up to two tickets). Actual ticket stubs must be presented at time of purchase.

    Omni and Planetarium ticket costs may not be applied to memberships. This opportunity is only available on-site the day of your visit; not by phone or online.

  • -   Can I put more names than just my own on a membership?

    You can name up to two adults who reside in your household on a membership. Adults living at separate addresses cannot be named on a single membership.

  • -   If I buy my membership today, can I visit and use my passes today?

    Yes, no matter how you purchase your membership you will have immediate access to your benefits. Pick up your temporary membership card while at the Museum.


    When purchasing online, you can choose to have the benefits packet containing the member passes mailed to you (which takes 3 – 4 weeks) or held for pick up. At the end of the transaction, you will receive a temporary membership number that you can use to purchase tickets online.

    Bring your transaction number (located on your email receipt) to the purple Member line at the box office to pick up your temporary card and passes. If you plan to use passes for Omni or Planetarium shows, you can make a reservation over the phone or trade in your passes onsite for timed tickets. You must bring the passes with you, and unfortunately, you cannot use passes to reserve tickets online.


    To purchase your membership at the Museum and use your passes, go to the purple Member line at the box office in the Museum lobby.

    By Phone

    If you have called to purchase a membership and make ticket reservations using your passes, the phone representative will give you a transaction number. Bring this number to the purple Member line at the box office to pick up your temporary membership card and your reserved tickets. At that time, any passes you used to make your reservations for Omni or Planetarium shows will be swapped out for tickets.

  • -   Is my membership good for a calendar year, or for a full year from time of purchase?

    Memberships are good for one full year from the time of purchase. Our memberships expire at the end of the month of purchase the following year. If you are renewing, your new membership year will begin when your current membership expires, so there's never a penalty for renewing early.

  • -   What exactly does membership give me free or unlimited admission to?

    Membership gives you free, unlimited access to our Exhibit Halls and the Discovery Center every day we are open. Free, unlimited admission benefits do not extend to the Mugar Omni Theater, Charles Hayden Planetarium, Butterfly Garden, 4-D Theater, or temporary exhibits requiring an additional ticket.

Membership Cards

Membership Levels

  • -   What is the difference between a Basic membership and a Premier membership?

    The difference between the two levels of membership is the number of free, one-time use passes and the parking benefit:

    • All Basic Levels come with two Omni, two Planetarium, and two Exhibit Halls guest passes each year — plus a 10% parking discount.
    • All Premier Levels come with four Omni, four Planetarium, and four Exhibit Halls guest passes each year — plus two hours of free parking each visit. Premier Level members also receive free evening parking when they enter the garage after 5:00 pm, plus advance registration opportunities for some of our more popular member events.

    All members receive discounted tickets to Omni, Planetarium, Butterfly Garden, and 4-D Theater ($5 per ticket). Members also receive a 10% discount in the store and café.

    Check out the full list of benefits

  • -   What does 2, 5, or 8 mean?

    Each of these refers to the number of people allowed in the Exhibit Halls each day you visit. A Basic 5 or Premier 5 admits up to five people to the Exhibit Halls, including the card holder.

  • -   I'm a Basic Level member. Can I upgrade my membership level to Premier? Can I upgrade the number of guests that my membership level permits?

    Members may upgrade from Basic to Premier and/or any increase in admissions at any time. If your membership expires within four months, consider renewing early and receive your new benefits for the duration of your current membership in addition to the new membership year. Upgrades are not prorated. Downgrading to a lower number of admissions, or from a Premier to Basic level, is not permissible during your membership year.

Bonus Passes

  • -   Can you explain the passes to me? Do I get them every time I visit?

    Each year that you are a member, you receive Omni, Planetarium, and Exhibit Halls guest passes in your benefits packet. Each pass may be redeemed for one free ticket to the specified venue. Exhibit Halls passes can also be used to admit visitors above the number of admissions your membership allows. All passes can be given to friends to use in your absence. If you lose your passes, they cannot be replaced.

    Passes can be redeemed in person or used when members make reservations by phone. They cannot be used online or at a kiosk. To pick up tickets after reserving by phone, be sure to bring both the passes and the confirmation number.

  • -   Can I still use my expired bonus passes?

    If your membership is active, we will currently accept expired paper bonus passes. Non-members may not use expired passes.

  • -   I lost my bonus passes. Can I have new ones?

    Unfortunately, because of their cash value, we cannot replace lost passes.


  • -   Is there a membership discount for teachers? Military personnel?

    Teachers joining or renewing their participation in the Museum’s Teacher Partner Program may request a coupon for $10 off a new membership. The coupon is provided by the Educator Resource Center. Teachers must pick up the coupon at the Museum and it is only good for purchases at the Box Office. Get details about the Teacher Partner Program online or phone the Educator Resource Center at 617-589-0170 to learn more.

    There is no membership discount for active military personnel but they do get free admission to the Exhibit Halls for themselves only.

  • -   What is the One-Step Program?

    When you enroll, we automatically renew your membership annually at a 10% discount using the same credit card you used to purchase your membership. We will send you a reminder each year, six weeks before we charge your credit card, to allow you to make any desired changes to your membership, including canceling your participation.

    Members can sign up for the One-Step Program up to four months before their expiration date. In addition to saving 10% on your membership each year you renew, this is a great way to save time.

  • -   Is my membership tax deductible?

    A portion of your membership may be tax deductible based on the amount paid less the value of benefits provided in return. As of July 2015, the fair market value of member benefits is:

    • $8 for each Omni Theater pass received with your membership
    • $8 for each Planetarium pass received with your membership
    • $19 for each Exhibit Hall pass received with your membership

    Please note that prices and market values are subject to change. We recommend you consult a tax advisor with questions.

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