• Science Snapshot

    Take a closer look at the latest in science and technology in our lives.


Live Presentation

Science Snapshot

At this time, live presentations are restricted under the Massachusetts Reopening Guidelines until Step 2 of Phase 3. Educators will be present on the Museum floor assisting guests and continuing presentations live on MOS at Home . Please check back for updates.

Join Museum staff in the Gordon Current Science & Technology Center to take a closer look at the latest science and technology headlines and research to appreciate their impact on our lives. From the latest in space exploration to new advances in medical technology...we cover it all!

Check the Gordon Current Science & Technology Center screens for schedules.


What’s Up in Space?

Find out what’s going on in the world of astronomy and spaceflight with cutting-edge reports on planetary science, human spaceflight, and more.

CRISPR and the Genetic Revolution

With great power comes great responsibility. From preventing human disease to protecting our food supply, learn more about the power, potential, and pitfalls of the gene-editing tool called CRISPR.

For the Love of Dogs

Take a closer look at the science behind our canine companions. When did man’s best friend become “man’s best friend”? How do humans change dogs and how do dog affect humans?

The Great Homo sapiens Debate

What does it mean to be a member of the species Homo sapiens? When and how did we get to where we are today?

Recapturing Our Climate

Explore the ways people around the world – through technology, adaptation, and resiliency – are developing solutions to the global problem of climate change.

The Quantum Revolution

Find out how startling discoveries about the nature of matter and energy are contributing to a new wave of quantum technologies, like quantum computing and hack-free communications.

Super-powered Science

Find out how three scientists are bringing powers like super-strength, x-ray vision, electrical manipulation, and levitation a little closer to reality.


Approximately 20 minutes


Gordon Current Science & Technology Center. Find on map


Recommended for: Grades 7 – 12 and adults

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  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Assistive Listening Devices Available At Information Desk
  • American Sign Language Interpretation Available Upon Request
  • Accessibility Varies