• Science Snapshot

    Take a closer look at the latest in science and technology in our lives.

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Live Presentation

Science Snapshot

Join Museum staff at the Science Live Stage to take a closer look at the latest science and technology headlines and research to appreciate their impact on our lives. From the latest in space exploration to new advances in medical technology...we cover it all!

Possible Titles:
Can Computers Learn to See?
From our own brains to self-driving cars, we dive into the art and science of image recognition to see how artificial intelligence (AI) is fueling innovations in computer vision. We explore these cutting edge technologies, the new challenges they raise, and future possibilities for computers that can see.

Deepfakes: Technologies Testing the Limits of Reality
Can you tell real from fake? Artificial intelligence techniques are becoming more powerful at altering visual and audio media. In this presentation, we explore how deepfake technologies work, how to stay ahead of them, and how they can be used for the good of everyone.

Feeling the Heat
Climate change is being felt all around the world. In this presentation we explore stories of how climate change is impacting people around the world. Learn how humans are adapting, changing, and becoming resilient to the effects of climate change currently impacting our home.

Project Vaccine: Moving Forward
How well are vaccines working? Is there equitable distribution? What will vaccine distribution to people under 5 years of age look like? In this live presentation, we address these questions and touch on subjects such as how this became a global effort and what the future holds.

The Quantum Revolution
Learn all about quantum mechanics, the physics of super small things. From Einstein to modern electronics, find out how quantum mechanics influences our daily lives.

What’s Up in Space?
Find out what’s going on in the world of astronomy and spaceflight with cutting-edge reports on planetary science, human spaceflight, and so much more!

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Event Details

Activities take on average 20 minutes to complete, and are available from 2 hours from the start time
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Gordon Current Science And Technology Center. Find on map


Approximately 20 minutes


Recommended for: Grades 7 – 12 and adults


  • Accessibility Varies
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Assistive Listening Devices Available At Information Desk
  • American Sign Language Interpretation Available Upon Request. Please request 2 weeks in advance.