How Do We Heal Our Earth? A Conversation with Kevin Powell

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Event Information 
When: Thursday, April 25 | 7:00 pm Eastern 
Featuring: Kevin Powell

2024 Grammy-nominated poet. Human and civil rights activist. Journalist. Author of 16 books. Filmmaker. Former two-time candidate for US Congress in New York City. Hip-hop historian and Tupac Shakur biographer.

Kevin Powell returns to the Museum for an intimate talk and community dialogue. He’ll share his own personal journey toward an awareness of our planet, his first encounter with the environmental justice movement, his path to veganism, what he has seen in his travels across the world around climate change, and our overall health as a people. Kevin will also offer examples of hope and possibility, and how individuals can affect change for the Earth in their own small ways.

Don’t miss this special evening exploring food, environmental justice, climate change, and our health.