The Museum of Science, Boston November, 2022

Our Mission and Vision


The mission of the Museum of Science is to inspire a lifelong love of science in everyone.
Our vision is a world where science belongs to each of us for the good of all of us.


We Believe:

Our mission and vision compel us to celebrate diversity, strive for equity, work for inclusion, increase accessibility, and create a sense of belonging for everyone.

Everyone is unique and valuable, worthy of respect and dignity. Everyone should have access to high quality science learning. Everyone should have the opportunity to understand, benefit from and use science and technology. Everyone belongs at the Museum of Science.

Many people have been excluded from, and many still face significant barriers to, full participation in science and society due to bias and discrimination. People have used science to justify bias and discrimination.

The Museum of Science has the opportunity and the responsibility to take a leadership role in establishing a standard for scientific institutions for diversity, equity, accessibility, inclusion, and belonging.

Therefore, We Commit to:

Creating experiences— in museums, online, in schools, and in communities—that are culturally responsive, welcoming, inclusive, equitable, and accessible to all.

Forming meaningful partnerships with those facing barriers to full participation in our world, welcoming them to the Museum of Science, and engaging in ways that are relevant to their lived experience.

Working to ensure that everyone can participate fully in a world that is driven by science and technology.

Building a staff and board that increasingly reflect our community in all its diversity.

Working to ensure that our exhibits, programs, public spaces, collections, endowment, and employment practices do not cause harm to others through explicit or implicit bias.

Working actively against racism, discrimination, and bias.

Listening to and learning from the voices of communities where structural biases have raised barriers or caused exclusion from full participation in science and society.