Primary Features

  • Host Your Event at the Museum of Science

    Planning an event? With spectacular views of the city and superior in-house catering, the Museum of Science is the perfect setting.

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  • 4-D Theater

    Our new 4-D Theater experience combines the high-definition capabilities of a 3-D film with in-theater special effects such as wind and snow.

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    Photo courtesy of SimEx-Iwerks

  • Butterfly Garden

    Walk among the free-flying residents of this warm conservatory filled with exotic plants.

  • Laser Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon

    Laser Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon creates a mind-bending landscape of light and sound set to Pink Floyd's 1973 masterpiece.

  • GROSSOLOGY: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body

    Get answers to the most slimy, oozy, crusty, and stinky questions about the human body in this fantastically fun interactive exhibit!

  • Lightning!

    Explore lightning and storm safety as the world's largest air-insulated Van de Graaff generator hurls indoor bolts.

  • Magic Tree House: Space Mission

    Prompted by a mysterious note left in their tree house, brother-and-sister duo Jack and Annie embark on a wondrous journey of adventure.

  • Pandas: The Journey Home

    Meet the dedicated team working tirelessly to save China's national treasure, the iconic giant panda, from extinction.

Secondary Features

  • 2theXtreme: MathAlive!

    Interact with sports, music, games, and more in this immersive experience that reveals there is math behind everything we do!

  • Journey to the South Pacific

    Swim with the world's largest shark, encounter mysterious creatures of the sea, and explore the planet's most spectacular coral reefs.

  • Live Animal Care Center

    Visit this viewing area for a peek at some of the stars of the Museum's Live Animal presentations.

  • Live Presentations

    Every day, the Museum offers a number of live demonstrations, most of which are free with Exhibit Halls admission.

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