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Warm-Blooded VS Cold-Blooded | De-Ice VS Anti-Ice

Snippet Description: 
Hear new evidence in the debate about whether dinosaurs were warm-blooded versus cold-blooded. Also, learn an easier way of getting rid of ice- never have any in the first place.

Fuel On The Moon | Adaptive Bacteria

Snippet Description: 
Find out how we may be able to refuel our space rockets on the moon and learn how well bacterial disinfectants work.

A New Relative And A Nano Nose

Snippet Description: 
Anthropologist Jeremy DeSilva from Boston University talks about Ardi, our 4.4 million year old ancestor. Also, a new device uses nanotechnology to detect harmful chemical toxins.

A Promising Pancreas and CO2 Storage

Snippet Description: 
Discover how an artificial pancreas may benefit Type I diabetes patients. Also, while many scientists are trying to reduce carbon emissions, learn how other groups are searching for places to store the carbon dioxide that will be emitted.

Purifying Pollutants | Running With Or Without Shoes?

Snippet Description: 
Is it possible to use glass to remove oil from water? Is it better to run with or without running shoes? Find out here, the answers may surprise you.

The Color of Dinosaurs | Nanoburrs to Help Your Heart

Snippet Description: 
Fossil evidence has finally been found to paint a pretty picture of dinosaurs, literally. Also, nanotechnology may be used to help fight heart disease.

Illuminating Human Diversity and Light Bulb Technologies

Snippet Description: 
Learn about the incredible genetic diversity maintained in African people who are members of the oldest lineages of humans. Then, hear a comparison of established and new lighting technologies -- it could help you plan future reductions in your own energy consumption!

Guests from NanoDays!

Snippet Description: 
Across the country this March, NanoDays celebrated all things tiny. Today's guests include Dr. George Whitesides from Harvard University talking about developing simple medical diagnostics and Dr. Don Ingber from Harvard University explaining how to manipulate cells on the nanoscale.

World Water Week | Self-cleaning Clothing

Snippet Description: 
This week, we'll hear about World Water Week and the International Sanitation Year. We'll also hear about how nanotechnology is being used to create clothing that can clean itself.

Elevator to Space | Photographing Lightning

Snippet Description: 
This week we will be looking to the sky. First, we will hear about new efforts to build a space elevator. Then we will learn about how existing high-speed photography helps us discover new information about lightning.