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Tiny Carbon: For Harvesting Heat and Sequencing DNA

Snippet Description: 
Hear about an interesting technology, developed by Dr. Long Que at Louisiana Tech University, that can produce electricity from a range of different energy sources . Also, learn about the potential use of graphene in improving the speed of DNA sequencing.

Welcome to NanoDays: Nanotubes, Quantum Dots, Nanobiology

Snippet Description: 
Once again NanoDays introduced us to dozens of researchers studying the very small. We learned about nanotubes in space, the "magic" of quantum dots, and nano-biotechnology.

What Is A Dinosaur? | How To Mend A Heart

Snippet Description: 
Everyone has a favorite dinosaur, but what is a dinosaur? Is it a reptile? Is it a bird? Dinosaur paleontologist David Varricchio discusses these extinct animals. Also, learn how we may one day be able to mend a broken heart . . . after a heart attack.

Regulating "Nano" and Unlocking the Secrets of Red Wine

Snippet Description: 
Today we'll look at the first environmental regulations on consumer nanotechnology, and we'll hear about a new understanding of the benefits of dry red wines.

MIT's Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2012

Snippet Description: 
Brian Bergstein, deputy editor of MIT's Technology Review, discusses a few of the top 10 emerging technologies of 2012. From Facebook to DNA sequencing to solar panels, these technologies cover a wide range of fields and have a variety of societal impacts.

Glowing Nanotubes and Making Diamonds

Snippet Description: 
Dr. Daniel Heller from MIT explains how glowing carbon nanotubes may be used to detect a number of different molecules and even cancer. Dr. Gary Harris from Howard University describes how to make synthetic diamonds . . . for electrical engineering purposes.

How Do Bats Fly? How Do People Sleep?

Snippet Description: 
Learn new information about why bats are such amazing aerial acrobats. Also, find out how sleep affects baseball players, college students, and married couples.

Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2011

Snippet Description: 
Stephen Cass, special projects editor for the MIT publication Technology Review, discusses several of the top 10 technologies that could have the largest impact on the world, the country, or the individual. For the complete list, see the website below.

Nanotech Toolkits for Cancer | Plugging in Your Car

Snippet Description: 
On this episode, we'll learn about a nano Swiss army knife of sorts for brain cancer. We will also get some good news for the future of cars that plug into the wall.

Engineering Body Parts | Understanding Potato Blight

Snippet Description: 
On this episode, we'll talk to a researcher whose work on a 150-year-old potato disease is helping to keep our food safe today. We'll also speak to a scientist who designs scaffolding that's used to build body parts.