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Thursday, April 28 | 7:00 pm

The Sanctity of Space


The Sanctity of Space, a new documentary, is coming to the Mugar Omni Theater for one night only! Join us for a special screening followed by a conversation and Q&A with the cast and creative team.

Lured by a black-and-white photograph, three renowned climbers pursue the ultimate adventure in this breathtaking new film inspired by the iconic photography of Brad Washburn, the Museum’s founding director. Brad Washburn was the greatest aerial mountain photographer of all time. Hanging out of the open door of an airplane, he flew above unmapped mountain ranges, capturing iconic images with which he could make maps, pursue scientific inquiries, discover first ascents, and inspire people.

More than eighty years after Washburn first photographed Denali from the air, climbing friends Renan Ozturk and Freddie Wilkinson look at some of Washburn’s images and have a wild idea: rather than go up, their dream is to go sideways – across the range’s most forbidding peaks, The Moose’s Tooth massif. It’s a decidedly ‘new-school’ way to explore the same landscape Washburn first discovered. As they pioneer the route over the course of two expeditions, their desire to be the first to complete the audacious line grows into an obsession. But friendships begin to fray when Renan suffers a near fatal brain injury, forcing them to decide what’s most important. When they rendezvous in the small town of Talkeetna for yet another attempt, all bets are off.

While the climbing action unfolds, Washburn’s own incredible story comes to life through stunning archivals and re-creations. As a young man he turned down Amelia Earhart’s offer to join her on her around the world flight, then pulled off one of the gutsiest exploratory climbs in history, the epic first ascent of Mt. Lucania. His superhero wife Barbara helped him map and explore the greatest landscapes on Earth, and his relationship with Ansel Adams allowed him to transcend his day-to-day job to become something he would never admit to being: an artist.

Filmed over five years, The Sanctity of Space brings together visual elements, from Washburn’s and Adams’s stunning large-format, black-and-white photographs, to state-of-the-art helicopter cinematography to space photography, with a story spanning generations. It’s both a white-knuckle adventure tale and a celebration of the spirit of exploration.

This screening is funded in part by the Richard S. Morse Fund.


Mugar Omni Theater


Recommended for: Visitors 18 years of age and older

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