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Tuesday, May 24 | 7:00 pm
Wednesday, May 25 | 7:00 pm

Moving Water


The Museum of Science is proud to present a limited run of Serious Play Theatre Ensemble’s groundbreaking piece, Moving Water, written by Eric Henry Sanders, with Original Music by Jonny Rodgers, and directed by Sheryl Stoodley. In the face of rising sea levels, this new devised theater piece addresses the global water crisis, climate change, and how water fragility shapes our human interactions.

Moving Water is a theatrical call to action. It’s been in development for over two years with artistic director, ensemble actors, and the collaborating artists: writer, composer, dramaturg, and designers. This winter, Serious Play has returned to the studio, refining and redesigning the piece toward a 2022 New England Tour. Through highly visual staging, with a diverse acting ensemble (including some text spoken in Spanish), choreographed movement, onstage rain, large-scale video projections augmented with original water glass music, this poetic and visually stunning work will bring you to a deeper appreciation for, and understanding of water, and our fragile world.

The story is set in an older apartment building in a US coastal city. Its imaginative, Davinci-like inventor, the building superintendent, is somewhat detached from reality, but nonetheless concerned with the impending threat of storms and rising ocean waters on the building he sees as his home. He befriends an oceanography student from Mexico City and together they search for a missing resident from Pakistan. The son of the building’s owner downplays the constant dripping, the new cracks appearing in the foundation, and the increase in larger storms, denying climate change as a possible cause. The characters each have a unique association with water that drives the overall storyline both real and metaphoric concerning rising sea levels, water scarcity and insecurity, and our unique human relationship with water.


Cahners Theater


Recommended for: Visitors 18 years of age and older

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Cost: $25

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