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  • Cosmic Loops: Music Beneath the Stars

Cosmic Loops

: Music Beneath the Stars

As you soar through nebulas, galaxies, and star systems in the immersive space under the Charles Hayden Planetarium's dome, live music with simple beginnings builds layer upon layer into an intricate universe of musical loops created by masters of an evocative style. Acoustic double-neck guitarist Ian Ethan Case fluidly combines a staggering variety of self-invented playing techniques necessitated by his multi-layered compositions, further expanded using real-time live looping technology with no pre-recorded sounds.

Indulge in this rare solo performance in which Ian and sound designer Stephanie Case take music from Ian's latest album Run Toward The Mountains into new dimensions with the Planetarium team's transcendent visions overhead.

Tickets on sale beginning Thursday, September 3 (Tuesday, September 1 for Museum members).

Wednesday, November 4 | 7:15 – 8:15 pm


Charles Hayden Planetarium

Recommended for

Grades 9 – 12 and adults

Admission: $15