Museum of Science Offers New Field Trip Guide that Enables Teachers to Create an Extension of In-Class Education

August 22, 2018

New Guide Created with Massachusetts School Curricula and National Science Standards for Grades K-12 in Mind, Offering Tangible Connections with Classroom Learnings

BOSTON – Starting this week, educators across New England will receive the Museum of Science’s brand new Field Trip Guide, just in time to plan visits for the 2018-2019 school year. Developed with input from educators themselves, the new guide provides tools for suggested field trip itineraries, and helps teachers tailor their visit to align with classroom curriculum standards and make the planning process effortless. The guide also includes useful educator resources such as professional development opportunities, as well as all-new links to curriculum standards, field trip starter packs, and money-saving options.


In creating the Field Trip Guide, the Museum aims to support school districts to inspire a love of learning that extends beyond the walls of their classrooms.


According to the National Science Teachers Association, field trips have the ability to “deepen and enhance” classroom study, reinforce scientific concepts introduced during the school day, and promote an appreciation for and interest in the pursuit of science in school and in daily life. Despite the positive effects of field trips, surveys of school superintendents by the American Association of School Administrators show that field trips are often among the first items to be cut from increasingly diminished school budgets. 


“For any class, a field trip of any kind is a big investment of money and, more importantly, classroom time,” said Sharon Horrigan, Farinon Director, Education and Outreach Programs at the Museum of Science. “Our new Field Trip Guide empowers educators and school administrators to tailor their visit to the Museum of Science in a way that aligns with their lessons. Students can enjoy the unbeatable experience of an exciting, STEM-filled field trip, while teachers can rest assured that the trip serves as a true extension of classroom time.”


In order to make sure field trips are accessible for all students, the Museum of Science offers opportunities for schools to save, including $5 field trips in September, October, and January, as well as scholarships to cover transportation costs for eligible schools. These schools are those that have free and reduced lunch participation at or above 35% and/or serve a population of economically disadvantaged students at or above 25%.


“Our mission at the Museum of Science is to connect students with STEM learning in ways they never thought possible,” said Annette Sawyer, Vice President, Education and Enrichment Programs at the Museum of Science. “Students are encouraged to have fun, ask questions, and discover limitless possibilities, with the hope that those principles stick long after they leave, inspiring their minds and inciting real passion for STEM.”


The Museum of Science also offers a nationally recognized Teacher Partner Program, a free benefit package offered exclusively to K-12 teachers in New England schools, providing unique professional development opportunities. In addition, the Teacher Partner Program works with the Museum’s Educator Resource Center, which provides a range of services for teachers to foster their personal growth and support their classroom teaching and aligns with the Museum’s goal of improving STEM literacy in grades K-12.


The Museum of Science Field Trip Guide is available online at To order a hard copy or to speak with someone about how to match the Museum’s offerings to your curriculum needs, please call 617-589-0174.

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