Cultural Institutions' Short Term Closure

March 12, 2020

The safety of our visitors, members, staff, and volunteers is our top priority.  As a preemptive measure to protect our community from the spread of COVID-19, we have made the joint decision to temporarily discontinue public admissions to our exhibit halls and suspend public programming and events until further notice. 

There have not been any reported cases of infection or exposure at our respective institutions, but we are compelled to follow the science and the best practices for social distancing as outlined by government agencies and the World Health Organization to ensure the well-being of our community. We will continue to work with local and state health officials and one another to coordinate our efforts.

Reopening will only occur when the risk to public health has declined. While our Museums will remain closed to the public, essential staff will continue to work both on and off-site, maintaining best practices such as social distancing, personal hygiene recommendations and cleaning and disinfecting both public and behind-the-scenes spaces. 

We believe this is a time to act boldly and decisively in service to our community.


Tim Ritchie, President, Museum of Science

Vikki Spruill, President and CEO, New England Aquarium

Carol Charnow, President and CEO, Boston Children’s Museum

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