Science Fact or Fiction

Doc and Marty traveled from 1985 to present-day Boston and a lot has changed! Help them navigate from Fenway Park to Science Park by answering questions about 2017. Hit 88mph to win the game!

Flames Delorean

Marty: Where are we?

Doc: The question isn't where, but when Marty!

Marty: The Red Sox won the World Series? This is heavy, Doc...

Doc: Great Scott! So much has changed since 1985, I no longer know what's fact or fiction!

Marty: *rolls down window* Hey, we're a little lost, can you help us out?


Play again until you hit 88MPH to send Doc and Marty back to 1985! Need some help? Check out the POPnologist's Guide for some tips.

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You helped send Doc and Marty back to 1985 with critical knowledge about the future! Learn even more at our new exhibit, POPnology.

Invite your friends to play!

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