Self driving car

Should Humans be Allowed to Drive: The Risks and Rewards of Self-Driving Cars

How should we handle the rapid improvement in the technology that enables self-driving cars? As companies like Tesla and Google are pushing this technology to become more sophisticated and capable, society will need to set the rules for self-driving cars.


  Length — 2 hours   Table Moderators — Needed

This program is built to have a moderator at each table who will
guide participants through their discussion. Moderators do not
need to be professionals, but should become familiar
with the forum materials and be comfortable leading a table through
a conversation.

This forum was developed by the Museum of Science. It consists of one module that is designed to run for two hours.

After hearing from a relevant speaker or watching a video, participants read and discuss a prompt introducing them to the forum and outlining the potential roles of government in the future of self-driving cars. Participants then read three scenario cards placed on the board, which describe some possible futures of self-driving vehicle usage, as well as a set of issues of concern and policy tools corresponding to each scenario. As a group, participants develop an overall policy using the policy tools accompanying each scenario. Finally, each group considers the negative effects of their policy and how to minimize them, revising their policy accordingly. Each table then shares their policies with the other participants.

Preview of Forum Materials

  • Forum board.

  • Example of scenario outlined in individual participant worksheets.

  • Example of scenario card for group discussion.