Make, Think, Imagine: Where Is Technology Taking Us?

On January 29, the Museum of Science hosted Lord John Browne, author of MAKE, THINK, IMAGINE and Tad Friend, staff writer for The New Yorker, in conversation with physicist and public intellectual Marcelo Gleiser, to explore how our progress and innovation affects, and potentially impinges on, our humanity.

In MAKE, THINK, IMAGINE, engineer and former BP CEO Lord John Browne guides readers through a wide sweep of history to remind us that technological progress is more essential than ever, but only when coupled with the two instincts that will always set humans apart: our imagination and our values. Watch as this riveting discussion asks the questions: Can innovations help clarify what makes us human? Should we fear revolutionary technology like Artificial Intelligence? Should we worry about a machine take-over?

This program was funded by the Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Engagement (ICE) at Dartmouth College through generous support provided by the John Templeton Foundation. Free, thanks to the generosity of the Lowell Institute.