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Thursday, November 4 | 7:30 – 9:00 pm

Black Hole Symphony: In Creation


Registrations for this event are currently at capacity but please stay tuned! If/when additional ticketing for this event opens up, we will notify the public via SubSpace bi-weekly email and our social media channels.

Join Multiverse Concert Series and the Museum in the creation of Black Hole Symphony: an orchestral journey through spacetime told through live music, science, and Planetarium visuals. Prior to the world premiere run in summer 2022, experience this exclusive preview hosted by composer David Ibbett, together with an international team of astrophysicists and our Planetarium animators.

Black holes have long captivated our imaginations, challenging our notions of space and time. Long seen as engines of destruction, we now know they play a fundamental role in shaping the evolution and growth of galaxies. At the center of every galaxy is a black hole at least a million times more massive than our Sun! Although our own Milky Way is now dormant, there was a time when galactic centers were so active and bright that they outshone the emissions of all their stars combined. These gravitational engines were powered by supermassive black holes, spinning matter into accretion disks launching jets of relativistic plasma through thousands of light years into intergalactic space.

Through the lens of science and music, explore the unfolding story of supermassive black holes as powerful engines of gravity, light, and creation—the silent conductors of a cosmic symphony.

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Sponsored by MathWorks and the Massachusetts Music Teachers Association. This program is free, thanks to the generosity of the Lowell Institute.


Charles Hayden Planetarium


Recommended for: Visitors 18 years of age and older

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Cost: Free with Pre-Registration

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