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Monday, November 7 | 7:00pm

A Lee and Nile Albright Annual Symposium

Digitizing Dementia: VR, Gaming, and Alzheimer’s Disease

Video game technology has advanced at a rapid pace and is now making an impact in dementia research. The risk of Alzheimer’s disease increases with age and, after onset, damage to the brain can spread and worsen with time. It is often unclear what triggers these changes or when they start, which can make planning treatment difficult. In a new set of brain-behavior experiments, researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital are watching mice play in virtual reality to further understand the causes and timing of dysfunction related to Alzheimer’s disease.  

Join us for an interactive evening in the Mugar Omni Theater with MGH researcher Ted Zwang as he guides you through virtual reality and digitized brains that are being used to better understand dementia, highlighting the bright future research teams envision for video games in medicine. 

Presented in collaboration with the Harvard Brain Science Initiative. This work is supported by NIH/NIA grant K99AG068602 and Harrison Gardner Jr. Innovation Award.


Funding provided by the Lee and Nile Albright Annual Symposium Fund.

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Monday, November 7 | 7:00pm
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Recommended for: Visitors 18 years of age and older