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IMAX® Film

Train Time

Join the crew of a freight train for an eye-popping, music-infused journey across America. Giant diesels, spectacular terrain, tens of thousands of miles of track – and millions of pounds of freight that can’t wait.

Created by the director of the celebrated IMAX® Experience Rocky Mountain Express and his team, Train Time propels you through the rugged beauty and vastness of the American landscape, revealing the brutal challenges of railroading, as well as the secrets of the art and science of running the greatest trains. Weaving together present-tech and steaming racing locomotives, grit, glamour, and glorious landscapes, Train Time immerses you in a grand tapestry of American railroading.

The IMAX Story

IMAX is an innovator in entertainment technology that combines proprietary software, architecture, and equipment to create the world’s most immersive moviegoing experience. From the clearest, most lifelike visuals to heart-pounding precision audio, everything in an IMAX theater has been designed to take you beyond the edge of your seat and into a world you’ve never imagined.

The Stephen Low Company

Stephen Low is recognized by audiences and peers as one of the world’s foremost large format filmmakers. His creative vision, storytelling ability, and commitment to cinematic innovation, together with his persistence on complex and large-scale projects, have yielded an extraordinary body of work enjoyed by audiences around the world. His career spans more than three decades and his filmography includes more than 18 giant-screen films as well as award-winning work for television.

Help us keep our theater clean! As with our Exhibit Halls, food and drink are not permitted in this space.



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Mugar Omni Theater. Find on map


Approximately 45 minutes minutes


Recommended for: Grades 3 – 12 and adults


  • Wheelchair Accessible