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Life blossomed in the Serengeti on an unprecedented scale, and it’s home to most of Africa’s iconic animals. Serengeti, our newest giant-screen IMAX film experience, invites you to explore one of Earth’s most unique ecosystems. Discover one of Nature’s perfect symphonies in which every species—from the mighty elephant to the tiny dung beetle—has a distinct role to play in the larger story of this remarkable environment.

Meet some of the youngest and newest members of the Serengeti (from lion cubs to baby elephants) as they learn about the mighty roles they’ll play, and witness one of the world’s greatest natural events—the annual wildebeest migration. Prepare to be awed by this immersive giant-screen IMAX film about how nature works in one of the world’s greatest ecosystems!

Serengeti is produced by Definition Films, and is distributed by K2 Studios. Financed with the Assistance of Asia Film Investment Group Hong Kong.

“The Serengeti is one of the last areas that is more or less completely intact with the same ecosystem it used to have during the ice age. It’s extremely diverse. You’ve got extraordinary wildlife, you’ve got early humans, you’ve got geology, volcanoes, etc. It’s just quite a magical place.”

– Serengeti film director Michael Dalton Smith, on what makes the Serengeti so special

The IMAX Story

IMAX is an innovator in entertainment technology that combines proprietary software, architecture, and equipment to create the world’s most immersive moviegoing experience. From the clearest, most lifelike visuals to heart-pounding precision audio, everything in an IMAX theater has been designed to take you beyond the edge of your seat and into a world you’ve never imagined.

Help us keep our theater clean! As with our Exhibit Halls, food and drink are not permitted in this space.

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Mugar Omni Theater. Find on map


Approximately 45 minutes minutes


Recommended for: Grades K – 8


  • Closed Captioning Device Available from theater staff
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Assistive Listening Devices Available At Information Desk