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Drop-In Activity

Biogen Foundation Exploration Hub 

Join Museum educators to investigate human biology and how we interact with the world around us through a variety of hands-on activities. Our activity schedule varies daily, see below for a description of some of our activities:

  • Mystery Skeleton: Using a human skeleton as a model, can you figure out how to put our mystery skeleton together? What can bones tell us about how an animal moved? Can you figure out what animal our mystery skeleton belongs to?

  • Microscope: There’s an entire world we can explore with a microscope that is too small for our eyes to see! What tiny details can you discover about us and living things by taking a closer look? Can you help us investigate why these details are important?

  • Get a Grip!: People pick things up and hold them in many different ways. Have you ever through about the different kinds of grips you use? Which of your hands do you think is stronger? Together we will explore the ways you hold things, measure how strong you hold on, and use graphs to explore how people's grip may differ by age and handedness.

Check our Daily Schedule to confirm the latest available dates and times, and if you are a member, log in for member benefits and prices.

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Event Details

Activities take on average 20 minutes to complete. They are available for 2 hours from the start time.
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Hall of Human Life. Find on map


Approximately 10 minutes


Recommended for: Grades 4 – 10