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  • Microrobotics Takes Flight

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  • Photo of Microrobotics Takes Flight exhibit

Permanent Exhibit - On Exhibit

Microrobotics Takes Flight

Test new methods for developing tiny, flying microrobots called RoboBees in this exhibit, the result of a partnership between the Museum and RoboBee researchers from Harvard and Northeastern universities. Although the RoboBees have not fully taken flight, the exhibit highlights ways in which researchers from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise are working together to tackle a complex problem.

Since the RoboBee project is ongoing, you'll learn some of the challenges the research team is still facing in order to develop and control thousands of tiny robots. Meet the researchers through video and text interviews, then put yourself in their shoes by facing some of the same issues they discuss. At the Brain Lab, become an electrical engineer as you balance power, weight, and sensor capability to develop a RoboBee brain. Then, as a mechanical engineer in the Body Lab, evaluate a pop-up method of constructing the RoboBee body. Finally, as a computer scientist in the Colony Lab, you can test a program that controls thousands of virtual RoboBees as they search for and pollinate flowers.

This exhibit is funded through the National Science Foundation's Expeditions in Computing program.

In partnership with researchers from Harvard and Northeastern universities.


Blue Wing, Level 1. Find on map

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