Summer Courses FAQ

General Information

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Safety and Special Needs

  • -   My child has special needs. Can he/she still participate in a course at the Museum?

    Absolutely. The courses program welcomes special needs students. Please make a note on your child's application so that we can ensure the best possible experience for your child. If your child has a 1:1 aid in the classroom we do recommend having a 1:1 aid accompany your child.

    We are also available to discuss particular questions or concerns you may have to help determine if our program is the right fit for your child.

  • -   My child has a peanut allergy. Are Summer Courses peanut-free?
    The Museum of Science is a public institution and we are therefore not able to guarantee a nut-free environment. Many children with food allergies do attend the program. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us, and be sure to indicate any allergies on your child’s participant waiver.
  • -   How do I know my child is safe during a course?
    Your child's safety is the number one priority at the Museum. Courses staff as well as instructors are present at drop-off and pickup and during classes. Courses staff are also present at lunchtime for those who are enrolled in morning and afternoon sessions. Your child will never be left unattended at any time.
  • -   What is the Summer Courses Behavior Policy?

    In order to ensure a safe and fun environment for all, children are expected to behave in an acceptable manner and use appropriate language at all times. If your child is having trouble following rules and/or their conduct is disrupting the learning process or safety of others in the class, we will notify you, and work with you to help alleviate the problem.

    The Museum of Science reserves the right to dismiss students from the program at any time due to behavioral problems including: failure to stay with the group, bullying, violence, destruction of property, theft, verbal abuse, or possession of any type of weapon.