About This Collaboration is an NSF-funded collaboration led by UMass Lowell that includes the MBTA, UMass Boston, Hofstra University, the National Science Foundation and the Museum of Science.

We are exploring new ways to share science with the public. Education can happen in unexpected places, especially with the advent of smart phones. Combining posters on the T, online resources, social media, and physical exhibits around Boston, we’re hoping to share science with a novel audience of learners. Although this project looks at how people learn with different media, we have focused specifically on climate change because it’s an important and interesting topic.

From October 2013 to November 2014, we are placing a series of posters on the T. With additional website updates and conversations on social media, we hope to give our users a dynamic educational experience. Look for new posters on the T almost every month, check back frequently on our website for new features, look for exhibits around Boston, and talk with us (and the ostriches!) on Facebook and Twitter.

We care about science and will do our best to provide the best information science can offer. We also recognize that hard science cannot answer all questions on what to do about a certain problem, especially when these choices involve tradeoffs. Our goals are to interest people in climate change, represent clearly and accurately what science has revealed, help us all think for ourselves, and explore science education outside of the classroom.

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