Wind Turbine Lab

Museum Wind Turbine Lab

In 2009, the Museum of Science installed a rooftop wind turbine lab with five different types of small-scale turbines, a visible expression of sustainable energy at the Museum. The Museum's Wind Turbine Lab has experienced no issues with noise, vibration, ice throw, flickering shadows, bats, or other environmental problems, and just two bird strikes in more than five years. The Museum’s neighbors have commented that they enjoy seeing them in action, too.

The Lab provides data for the Catching the Wind exhibit, where visitors learn about our wind turbines and energy technology. The Lab is also an independent, real-world test facility for these small-scale wind turbines in an urban environment, providing solid data and project experience for professionals, universities, government, and consumers. As such, it is not scaled to power a significant fraction of the Museum's electrical load; however, the turbines are grid-connected and the Museum does use their energy.