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Traveling Programs Scholarships


Generous support from funders allows us to grant partial or full funding to qualified applicants each year. Traveling Programs scholarships are made possible by:

  • Boston Athletic Association
  • The Lowell Institute
  • William Randolph Hearst Foundation

How to Apply

Eligible libraries and camps can apply for funding for Traveling Programs during July/August 2016 using our online application. Schools will be able to apply for funding for the 2016-17 school year in August; check this web page periodically for an updated link to the appropriate application.

Funding Criteria and Applications

It is our intention to provide as much funding as possible to those who need it most. There are several criteria we consider in granting a scholarship. These are different for school groups than for libraries and camps; please be sure to use the correct link.

  • – School Groups

    Scholarships Criteria

    Scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria and considerations:

    • Funding is intended for schools with limited financial support from parent-teacher groups, corporations, and cultural councils. At least 30% of the students must receive free/reduced lunch; this will be verified with your state's department of education.
    • Schools with a F/R Lunch percentage of 30 &ndashl 34% can request up to 50% funding; 35 – 39% up to 75% funding; and 40% or higher, full funding.
    • Scholarships must be requested before a Traveling Program is reserved.
    • Funded school programs must take place in September, October, November, or December. Out-of-state schools can also have funded programs during the February and April MA vacation weeks if they are in session.
    • In the application, it is mandatory to include some basic information about other enrichment programs this grade receives and how they are funded.
    • A scholarship request is limited to a single grade with a minimum of 40 students. In addition, the Traveling Program chosen must address a topic that the involved students will encounter as part of that year's curriculum. In the application, it is mandatory to include a link to your school's curriculum as documentation.
    • Schools must have an adequate space for the program, and the room will need to be completely reserved for the duration of our visit. Examine the space requirements on the Museum's Web page for the Traveling Program you are interested in to make certain your school has enough space.
    • A school can apply for two scholarships each school year.
    • Scholarships are usually restricted to schools within 120 miles of the Museum of Science.
    • Traveling Programs are designed to be a long-term resource for teachers, and scholarships can be renewed every year that funding is available. Priority is given to established school partners, as consistent enrichment programming is most effective.
    • For sites that do not qualify for funding, we have discounts that can help make a program more affordable – browse our catalog for details (PDF).
    • In the 2015-16 school year, funding is available for "Starlab", "Electromagnetism", "States of Matter", and "Geology: Rock Detectives".
  • – Libraries and Camps

    Scholarship Criteria

    Scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria and considerations:

    • Funding must be requested before making a reservation.
    • The maximum amount of funding you can request is $325.
    • Funding is available to public libraries and camp programs with free admission for participants. For camp programs, partial funding is available equal to the percentage of participants who receive some sort of scholarship.
    • Most funding is restricted to eastern Massachusetts within I-495. Limited funding, particularly for mileage costs, may be available for sites in western Massachusetts and other New England states.
    • Funding is for sites with limited or no ability to pay for enrichment programs. For comparison purposes, the application process requires you to indicate how many enrichment programs your site receives each year, the cost of those programs, and what kind of funding is used.
    • A site is limited to one funded program per calendar year.
    • Dates can be reserved during the summer and Massachusetts school vacation weeks. Other date restrictions may apply. Early applicants will get the best choice of dates and programs.
    • We begin reviewing funding requests for a given calendar year as early as November of the previous calendar year.
    • The site must be able to provide an appropriate audience. Most of our programs are appropriate for a range of school-age children to adults. Others are appropriate for much smaller age ranges. Program-specific age information is on each program page.
    • The site must meet the necessary space requirements. Please review our programs, especially Night Sky and One Sky, Many Stories, to make certain that you have a large enough room for the program you are interested in. This room will need to be reserved for the entirety of our visit.