Summer Teacher-in-Residence

Looking for a new way to stay connected during your vacation?

Spend this summer at the Museum of Science as a Teacher-in-Residence. Learn from our staff and share your knowledge of formal learning environments, get a behind-the-scenes perspective of the Museum, and serve as a liaison between the Museum and your school or district.

About the Program

As a Teacher-in-Residence, you will collaborate on a relevant Museum project, participate in a weekly seminar, and work on an independent project of your choice.

This program runs Monday, July 7 – Thursday, August 7, 2014. Our typical program week is Monday – Thursday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm; however, flex schedules are available. During the school year, you are also expected to work an additional 24 hours to research and develop a product determined by you and your Museum partner. All participants must also attend a call-back meeting scheduled for early December. Although we are not able to offer housing, we do offer stipends of $3,000.

Teacher-in-Residence Positions

All Teacher-in-Residence projects are funded by our generous donors. Several projects are still pending funding at this time — please see our application for further details.

Art Teacher-in-Residence

Seeking an upper elementary and/or middle school art teacher interested in exploring the intersection of fine arts and science at the Museum of Science. Working with staff in our Educator Resource Center, this teacher will highlight art-related affordances of the Museum and will identify the creative practices applicable to both fine arts and STEM. This includes engineering design processes, Maker Movement initiatives, musical and dramatic performances, visual arts, and other examples of fine arts that are happening around the institution. This knowledge will inform a teacher workshop for STEAM practices that we hope to facilitate during school year 2015.

ERC Library Collection Project

Seeking a school librarian or reading specialist interested in developing resources to improve the usability of the Educator Resource Center's borrowing library for teachers. This professional will use their experience in upper elementary and/or middle school library settings to help staff members assess how the library collection is used, and develop resources to assist teachers in locating materials within the collection. In addition, this teacher will work with staff to develop and co-facilitate one to two teacher working groups during the 2014 – 15 school year to further advise the Museum on topics related to the library collection.

Field Trip Planning Media Project

Seeking an upper elementary/ middle school teacher and a high school teacher who will work collaboratively with School Visits and Live Presentations educators to develop four to eight short informational videos that highlight resources for field trips. These videos will introduce teachers and their students to the Museum's rich resources, including the new Hall of Human Life exhibition as well as the array of live presentations that are available to school groups by request. Teachers will gain experience developing field trip planning resources for both teacher and student audiences, and share their expertise in using media in the classroom and planning field trips to informal institutions. Teachers will pilot these video resources with their students during the 2014 – 15 school year.

Intel Computer Clubhouse Teacher-in-Residence

Seeking a high school teacher interested in creating assessments and metrics to measure the performance of students engaged in hands-on "Maker" activities. In summer 2014, the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network Teen Summit will bring together youth from around the world to learn new activities inspired by the Maker Movement. (These activities include Circuitry and Electronics; Crafts involving Fashion, Textile, Vinyl and Paper; Microcontrollers and Robotics; 3-D design and printing; and Coding and Entrepreneurism.) A Teacher-in-Residence will work with Clubhouse staff to co-develop learning objectives and assessment tools for Teen Summit participants, and will support the implementation and post-event reflection of these assessments at the Teen Summit.

Provocative Science Questions for Kids

Seeking an elementary teacher or science specialist to work with the Hall of Human Life team as they develop 'Provocative Questions for Kids.' This project explores critical thinking about social-scientific questions: questions that science can inform but cannot answer. Conversations among learners reveal the varied social values, personal experience, and scientific research that shape different opinions. Help us develop guidelines for what makes a great provocative question for kids, as well as for related educational materials and a workshop for elementary teachers during the 2014 – 15 school year.

Youth Programs

Seeking a high school teacher who is interested in working with teens to develop themed experiences and hands-on activities appropriate for high school field trip groups. The teacher involved with this project will work collaboratively with the Youth Programs team and summer Youth Interns to develop activities, programming, and facilitation strategies to be used with high school groups on the Exhibit Halls floors. In addition, this participant will develop resources and assist in the planning of a mathematics related event for the 2014 – 15 school year. A background in mathematics is preferred.

Special Opportunities for Teachers in the Boston Public Schools:

Argumentation in Boston Science Curriculum Project

Seeking an upper elementary, middle, or high school Boston Public School teacher interested in developing students' abilities in scientific argumentation. This teacher will work with the Boston Public Schools Science Department and a Museum educator to develop authentic argumentation prompts that align to the content of the BPS instructional units. Help us develop argumentation prompts, evaluate their effectiveness, and share this work with other teachers through educational materials and/or workshops.

Boston Eye Opener Project

Seeking a Grade 2 Boston Public School teacher interested in creating short informational videos and other resources to introduce teachers and students to the Eye Opener Program. This teacher will become familiar with the range of Museum exhibits and educational programs that may support the BPS Grade 2 science, technology, and engineering learning standards. This teacher will work collaboratively with Museum educators and the BPS Science Department to align Museum resources to BPS instructional units and develop related media resources that can be shared throughout the district.

Teacher-in-Residence Sponsorship

Teacher-in-Residence opportunities are made possible in part through generous support from Genzyme, the J.B. Swett Jackson endowment, and Liberty Mutual.