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Making Stuff!

Publication Date

December 2010

Material scientists Dr. Amy Moll and Dr. Ainissa Ramirez join us for Nova's Making Stuff Day. They talk about their own research on how to make electronics stronger, smaller and greener.

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Diamonds and Light

Publication Date

January 2012

Dr. Marko Loncar and two of his graduate students talk about using diamonds to create optics based computers that are smaller, faster, and 'cooler' than our current computational machines.

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Breathalyzer for Disease

Publication Date

June 2012

Researchers are developing ways to detect diseases using a breathalyzer. Many disorders- diabetes, cancer, kidney failure- cause the release of certain chemicals into the blood stream. These molecules eventually make their way into our exhaled breath, where very sensitive, specially designed nanotechnologies can detect them for disease diagnosis.

Play the "NanoDays 2012: A Nano Toolbox" audio
NanoDays 2012: A Nano Toolbox

Publication Date

April 2012

Dr. Nicola Ferralis, from the Materials Science and Engineering Department at MIT, discusses the usefulness of nanomaterials in general and about his specific research using carbon nanotubes in energy and heat storage.

Play the "NanoDays 2012: Nano Policy Possibilities" audio
NanoDays 2012: Nano Policy Possibilities

Publication Date

April 2012

Dr. Christopher Bosso, a political scientist from the School of Public Policy at Northeastern University, explores some of the future policy questions that may arise from the use of nanotechnology.

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Making More Stuff!

Publication Date

January 2011

Material scientist Dr. Zvonimir Dogic talks about using biology as inspiration for new synthetic materials. Also, producer Chris Schmidt from Nova's "Making Stuff" talks about the process of making the new series and even mentions some interesting research that was left out of the final cut.

Play the "Tiny Carbon: For Harvesting Heat and Sequencing DNA" audio
Tiny Carbon: For Harvesting Heat and Sequencing DNA

Publication Date

November 2010

Hear about an interesting technology, developed by Dr. Long Que at Louisiana Tech University, that can produce electricity from a range of different energy sources . Also, learn about the potential use of graphene in improving the speed of DNA sequencing.

Play the "Welcome to NanoDays: Nanotubes, Quantum Dots, Nanobiology" audio
Welcome to NanoDays: Nanotubes, Quantum Dots, Nanobiology

Publication Date

April 2011

Once again NanoDays introduced us to dozens of researchers studying the very small. We learned about nanotubes in space, the "magic" of quantum dots, and nano-biotechnology.

Play the "What Is A Dinosaur? | How To Mend A Heart" audio
What Is A Dinosaur? | How To Mend A Heart

Publication Date

June 2011

Everyone has a favorite dinosaur, but what is a dinosaur? Is it a reptile? Is it a bird? Dinosaur paleontologist David Varricchio discusses these extinct animals. Also, learn how we may one day be able to mend a broken heart . . . after a heart attack.

Play the "Regulating "Nano" and Unlocking the Secrets of Red Wine" audio
Regulating "Nano" and Unlocking the Secrets of Red Wine

Publication Date

November 2006

Today we'll look at the first environmental regulations on consumer nanotechnology, and we'll hear about a new understanding of the benefits of dry red wines.