Play the "It's A Small World: Nano Landscaping and Micro Robotics" audio
It's A Small World: Nano Landscaping and Micro Robotics

Publication Date

April 2010

Hear how Dr. Jennifer Hoffman, a physicist at Harvard University, is able to landscape on the nanoscale by moving around individual atoms. Then Harvard graduate students Ben Finio and Rebecca Kramer talk about how they are using small biological organisms to inspire the design of small robots.

Play the "Nature's Beauty: Bubbles and Diamonds" audio
Nature's Beauty: Bubbles and Diamonds

Publication Date

July 2010

Bubbles and diamonds are not only beautiful, but they may also be important to scientists. The complex way that a bubble pops is now being studied, and diamonds may have use in nanotechnology.

Play the "Wrinkly Fingers | World's Smallest Motor" audio
Wrinkly Fingers | World's Smallest Motor

Publication Date

October 2011

Find out why our fingers get wrinkly in water. Also, Dr. Charles Sykes from Tufts University describes the world's smallest motor.

Play the "Monitoring HIV and Regenerating Nerves" audio
Monitoring HIV and Regenerating Nerves

Publication Date

May 2009

Learn how a local Massachusetts company is helping treat HIV by devising a new piece of monitoring equipment. Also, hear how scientists can actually help nerve cells regenerate.

Play the "5D DVD | 17 Genes of TB" audio
5D DVD | 17 Genes of TB

Publication Date

June 2009

Discover how you may one day be able to store all of your movies and all of your books (and all of the library's books) together on one disk. Also, learn what researchers have found out about how tuberculosis attacks our body.

Play the "Robot Scientist | Nano Muscles" audio
Robot Scientist | Nano Muscles

Publication Date

April 2009

In this week's segment we will learn about experiments that are being performed by a robot scientist. We will also find out about new and improved artificial muscles.

Play the "The Very Small and the Very Old" audio
The Very Small and the Very Old

Publication Date

April 2009

The small world of nanotechnology is making a big splash this summer with water repellent swimsuits. Also, our human ancestor Peking Man finds out he is much older than we thought.

Play the "Technology Old and New: Silk Production and Paper Diagnostics" audio
Technology Old and New: Silk Production and Paper Diagnostics

Publication Date

March 2009

Hear how China may not have held the ancient patent on silk production technology. Also, discover future ways that paper technology can help diagnose patients, even outside of medical facilities.

Play the "Helpful Bee Stings | Prehistoric Primates" audio
Helpful Bee Stings | Prehistoric Primates

Publication Date

October 2009

Although bee stings can be painful and possibly harmful, discover how the toxin may also be able to help kill cancer cells. Then, find out if ancient primates Ida and Afradapis are our cousins or our ancestors.

Play the "The Secret Life of Robotic Bees" audio
The Secret Life of Robotic Bees

Publication Date

August 2009

Spying, exploring, pollinating. These are just some of the many uses for robotic bees. Hear how a wide range of scientists and engineers at Harvard University are designing a mechanical form of this social insect.