Play the "Addicted to Chocolate?" audio
Addicted to Chocolate?

Publication Date

April 2011

I love chocolate, but am I addicted to it? Harvard graduate student Naveen Sinha talks about the science of chocolate. Also, Dr. Ashley Gearhardt discusses the new issue of food addiction.

Play the "Two Ways to Study Disease: GFP and Epigenetics" audio
Two Ways to Study Disease: GFP and Epigenetics

Publication Date

October 2008

Today we will hear about two different ways to study disease. The first is using GFP, for which the discovery and use of won the 2008 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Then we will learn about how epigenetics, the study of gene expression, is used in cancer research.

Play the "Python Hearts | Safety of Nanotechnology" audio
Python Hearts | Safety of Nanotechnology

Publication Date

November 2011

After a python eats a very large meal, its heart can grow significantly larger. Find out how we may be able to use that information to help human hearts. Also, while nanotechnology is quickly growing in importance, many researchers are determining ways to make it as safe yet effective as possible.

Play the "Fighting Cancer with Salmonella | Tracking Wastewater with Sweeteners" audio
Fighting Cancer with Salmonella | Tracking Wastewater with Sweeteners

Publication Date

July 2009

Find out how Salmonella cells may be able to fight cancer in a unique two wave attack. Also, learn how artificial sweeteners can be used to track the migration of wastewater after release into the environment.

Play the "Stem Cell Targeting | Genetics of Sleep" audio
Stem Cell Targeting | Genetics of Sleep

Publication Date

September 2009

Discover how scientists can use nanomagnets to direct stem cells to injured locations in the body. Then learn how genetics can play a role in how we sleep.

Play the "Earthquakes in New England | Nano Sized Medicine" audio
Earthquakes in New England | Nano Sized Medicine

Publication Date

September 2011

Learn about the recent 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Virginia that was felt all the way up in Boston. Also, Dr. Jim Wilking from Harvard University talks about his research into developing very tiny pharmaceuticals.

Play the "Measures of Melting | Green Batteries" audio
Measures of Melting | Green Batteries

Publication Date

October 2009

The ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are constantly changing. In the first part of this podcast, find out how this happens and how scientists are measuring these changes. Then, learn about a type of algae that could significantly improve our current battery technology.

Play the "Let's Play Ball! | Building a Cooler Transistor" audio
Let's Play Ball! | Building a Cooler Transistor

Publication Date

June 2010

Physicist Dr. Alan Nathan from University of Illinois talks about some of the physics of baseball. We will also learn about a new nano-material that may keep computer transistors cooler.

Play the "Jupiter Collision | Using Ivy in Sunscreen" audio
Jupiter Collision | Using Ivy in Sunscreen

Publication Date

September 2010

Discover how during the formation of our solar system, Jupiter may have been involved in a massive collision which has forever altered it. Switching from the very large to the very small, hear about ivy-based nanoparticles that may be used to make a better sunscreen.

Play the "Why Should I Vaccinate? | Building A Better Hand" audio
Why Should I Vaccinate? | Building A Better Hand

Publication Date

November 2009

Listen to Dr. Anita Loughlin from the Boston University Center for Vaccine Research as she answers vaccination questions and dispels vaccine myths. Also, learn how researchers are building a better prosthetic hand by connecting them to nerve cells.