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Monitoring HIV and Regenerating Nerves

Snippet Description: 
Learn how a local Massachusetts company is helping treat HIV by devising a new piece of monitoring equipment. Also, hear how scientists can actually help nerve cells regenerate.

5D DVD | 17 Genes of TB

Snippet Description: 
Discover how you may one day be able to store all of your movies and all of your books (and all of the library's books) together on one disk. Also, learn what researchers have found out about how tuberculosis attacks our body.

Robot Scientist | Nano Muscles

Snippet Description: 
In this week's segment we will learn about experiments that are being performed by a robot scientist. We will also find out about new and improved artificial muscles.

The Very Small and the Very Old

Snippet Description: 
The small world of nanotechnology is making a big splash this summer with water repellent swimsuits. Also, our human ancestor Peking Man finds out he is much older than we thought.

Technology Old and New: Silk Production and Paper Diagnostics

Snippet Description: 
Hear how China may not have held the ancient patent on silk production technology. Also, discover future ways that paper technology can help diagnose patients, even outside of medical facilities.

Helpful Bee Stings | Prehistoric Primates

Snippet Description: 
Although bee stings can be painful and possibly harmful, discover how the toxin may also be able to help kill cancer cells. Then, find out if ancient primates Ida and Afradapis are our cousins or our ancestors.

The Secret Life of Robotic Bees

Snippet Description: 
Spying, exploring, pollinating. These are just some of the many uses for robotic bees. Hear how a wide range of scientists and engineers at Harvard University are designing a mechanical form of this social insect.

Bomb Detecting Nanosensors | Listeria Outbreak

Snippet Description: 
Dr. Daniel Heller from MIT describes how he uses nanosensors and bee venom to detect explosives. PhD candidate Kyle Perry from Harvard gives the facts about the recent Listeria outbreak connected to cantaloupes.

Top 10 Science Stories of 2011

Snippet Description: 
From cutting edge technologies to natural disasters, the Current Science and Technology team has been keeping up with innovative research and the latest in breaking scientific news all year. We chose the 10 most interesting and important of those stories to present to you in this podcast.

Shape Shifting Proteins | New Bio-Bandage

Snippet Description: 
Dr. Jeremy England from MIT talks about his work understanding how proteins change their shape. Then Dr. Paula Hammond from MIT describes her lab's bio-bandage, a quick and effective way to stop bleeding on a battlefield.