Play the "The Color of Dinosaurs | Nanoburrs to Help Your Heart" audio
The Color of Dinosaurs | Nanoburrs to Help Your Heart

Publication Date

February 2010

Fossil evidence has finally been found to paint a pretty picture of dinosaurs, literally. Also, nanotechnology may be used to help fight heart disease.

Play the "Illuminating Human Diversity and Light Bulb Technologies" audio
Illuminating Human Diversity and Light Bulb Technologies

Publication Date

March 2010

Learn about the incredible genetic diversity maintained in African people who are members of the oldest lineages of humans. Then, hear a comparison of established and new lighting technologies -- it could help you plan future reductions in your own energy consumption!

Play the "Guests from NanoDays!" audio
Guests from NanoDays!

Publication Date

April 2010

Across the country this March, NanoDays celebrated all things tiny. Today's guests include Dr. George Whitesides from Harvard University talking about developing simple medical diagnostics and Dr. Don Ingber from Harvard University explaining how to manipulate cells on the nanoscale.

Play the "World Water Week | Self-cleaning Clothing" audio
World Water Week | Self-cleaning Clothing

Publication Date

March 2008

This week, we'll hear about World Water Week and the International Sanitation Year. We'll also hear about how nanotechnology is being used to create clothing that can clean itself.

Play the "Elevator to Space | Photographing Lightning" audio
Elevator to Space | Photographing Lightning

Publication Date

October 2008

This week we will be looking to the sky. First, we will hear about new efforts to build a space elevator. Then we will learn about how existing high-speed photography helps us discover new information about lightning.

Play the "The MBTA Hack | It's Alive!?" audio
The MBTA Hack | It's Alive!?

Publication Date

August 2008

On this episode we will learn about some of the technology behind the MBTA Charlie Card hack. Also, new evidence once again questions whether or not viruses may actually be alive.

Play the "Complex Carbon Footprints | Preservatives for Radiation Protection" audio
Complex Carbon Footprints | Preservatives for Radiation Protection

Publication Date

February 2008

This week, we'll take a big-picture look at the concept of a carbon footprint, and we'll learn how an ingredient in potato chips could save you from an atomic bomb.

Play the "DNA-Powered Dating Service | Implanting Artificial Eyes" audio
DNA-Powered Dating Service | Implanting Artificial Eyes

Publication Date

February 2008

This week, we'll celebrate Valentine's Day with a look a a new dating service that matches users based on their DNA, and I'll go on location to hear about a new implantable artificial retina.

Play the "New Electric Trucks in Maui" audio
New Electric Trucks in Maui

Publication Date

January 2009

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more prominent, however the long recharging time is often a drawback. Today we will learn how the new lithium titanate battery in the Phoenix Motorcar can be recharged in less than ten minutes.

Play the "Potential for Pencils and Electric Eels" audio
Potential for Pencils and Electric Eels

Publication Date

November 2008

This week we will discover a new way to peel the layers away from a pencil on the nanoscale and then use the remaining graphene sheets for many varied applications. We will also learn how an electric eel generates electricity and about some interesting applications for that knowledge.