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Stem Cells and Lung Cancer | Better Solar Panels Through the Study of Bugs

Snippet Description: 
This week we'll talk to a scientist who is examining the role of stem cells in lung cancer, and we'll hear about how researchers are taking a cue from insects to keep solar panels clean.

China's Smog Experiment | Bending Light . . . Backwards

Snippet Description: 
This week we will learn more about two popular news stories. First, China's emission reductions during the Olympic Games has afforded the perfect opportunity to study atmospheric smog. Also, new materials to bend visible light backwards could lead to some interesting new inventions.

Faster Bacterial Detection | Viagra for Your Heart

Snippet Description: 
This week, we'll learn about using nanoparticles to speed up bacterial detection, and at a study that gave Viagra to rabbits to help treat heart attacks.

Sending Humans To Space | Detecting Disease Faster

Snippet Description: 
Dr. Ryan Kobrick from the Man Vehicle Lab at MIT talks about some of the lab's projects to help prepare humans for long distance space travel. Also, hear about a new device that uses nanoparticles to detect harmful diseases faster than before.

Bacteria-Busting Nanoparticles | Tornado Outbreak

Snippet Description: 
Learn how a new approach to combating bacteria could lower the incidence of antibiotic-resistance and then hear about the devastating twisters of April 2011.

Inside the Kinect and a New Blast Detection Badge

Snippet Description: 
Guest Alfred Thompson from Microsoft describes how the new XBox Kinect works. Also, we will learn about a blast detector badge being developed for soldiers.

Addicted to Chocolate?

Snippet Description: 
I love chocolate, but am I addicted to it? Harvard graduate student Naveen Sinha talks about the science of chocolate. Also, Dr. Ashley Gearhardt discusses the new issue of food addiction.

Two Ways to Study Disease: GFP and Epigenetics

Snippet Description: 
Today we will hear about two different ways to study disease. The first is using GFP, for which the discovery and use of won the 2008 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Then we will learn about how epigenetics, the study of gene expression, is used in cancer research.

Python Hearts | Safety of Nanotechnology

Snippet Description: 
After a python eats a very large meal, its heart can grow significantly larger. Find out how we may be able to use that information to help human hearts. Also, while nanotechnology is quickly growing in importance, many researchers are determining ways to make it as safe yet effective as possible.

Fighting Cancer with Salmonella | Tracking Wastewater with Sweeteners

Snippet Description: 
Find out how Salmonella cells may be able to fight cancer in a unique two wave attack. Also, learn how artificial sweeteners can be used to track the migration of wastewater after release into the environment.