Play the "Sci-Tech Today: Artificial Pancreas Could Aid Diabetes Patients" video
Sci-Tech Today: Artificial Pancreas Could Aid Diabetes Patients
Play the "Sci-Tech Today: Anti-Icing Coating" video
Sci-Tech Today: Anti-Icing Coating
Play the "Sci-Tech Today: Nanotechnology Makes Portable HIV Monitoring Possible" video
Sci-Tech Today: Nanotechnology Makes Portable HIV Monitoring Possible

Design Challenges

Participate in a hands-on activity to design, build, and test a prototype solution to a given problem.

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Imagine, discover, and explore a world that's too small to see. NanoDays is a nationwide celebration of nanoscale science, and you're invited!

Play the "Sequencing Cancer Genomes | Watching Bacteria Build" audio
Sequencing Cancer Genomes | Watching Bacteria Build

Publication Date

August 2011

Dr. Franziska Michor, a computational biologist from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, discusses her work with analyzing cancer genomes. Naveen Sinha then talks about how he is using applied physics to study bacterial biofilm formation.

Play the "Sleeping in Space | New Nano Flame Retardent" audio
Sleeping in Space | New Nano Flame Retardent

Publication Date

September 2011

Caroline Lowenthal from the Man Vehicle Lab at MIT talks about the importance of sleep on the International Space Station. Also, learn about a potential new flame retardant for clothing using nanotechnology.

Play the "Engineering Cancer Drug Delivery" audio
Engineering Cancer Drug Delivery

Publication Date

July 2011

Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia from MIT describes how her team has improved delivery of chemotherapeutics to tumors by linking nanoparticles to our body's own blood clotting system.

Play the "Gecko-Inspired Bio-Bandage" audio
Gecko-Inspired Bio-Bandage

Publication Date

March 2012

What do geckos have to do with medical bandages? Hear how Dr. Jeff Karp, a bioengineer who works in both Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital, was inspired by gecko toepads to create medical tape for internal organs.

Play the "New Solar Cells | Exercising Your Heart" audio
New Solar Cells | Exercising Your Heart

Publication Date

April 2008

This week we will hear about solar power research involving new solar cell design. Also, we will learn how the type of exercise you do can affect the shape of your heart.