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    Theater of Electricity
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    Live Animal Story Time

Cambridge Science Festival

Did you know that the world's largest air-insulated Van de Graaff generator (star of our famous Lightning! show) was developed in Cambridge? Learn about this and more during this year's Cambridge Science Festival, a celebration showcasing science, technology, engineering, and math in one of the strongest hubs of STEM in the United States — Cambridge!

Though just half of the Museum is located in Cambridge, the whole institution will be abuzz with activities during this week-long series of events. Learn more about the week's offerings in the city:


Featured Activities:


Solar Lunch

Observe the Sun and possibly sunspots and solar flares through the Museum's safe solar telescope. Weather permitting.



Indoor bolts spark explorations into lightning, electric charge, and storm safety using the Museum's giant Van de Graaff generator, invented right here in Cambridge! Learn more about this presentation.


Astronomy After Hours

On clear nights, view stars, planets, the Moon, and other astronomical phenomena. Also, check out the inside of our Observatory and participate in astronomy-related activities. Weather permitting. For more details and weather updates: 617-589-0267.


Hands-On Laboratory: What Is DNA?

What is DNA? Where do we find it? How has our understanding of DNA created new possibilities in science and engineering? Explore the structure and function of DNA, extract a sample of this amazing molecule, and learn to use the special tools needed to work with it. Learn more about this drop-in activity.


The Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show

Fun for the whole family, this comedy show is all about the mysteries of matter — including atoms, molecules, and nanotechnology. Join brothers Dan and Joel as they juggle everything from potted plants to tennis rackets, sometimes from atop seven-foot unicycles! Learn more about this presentation.


Cambridge Teacher Partners

Join our program for teachers and gain access to all of the Museum's educator resources, plus enjoy special discounts on workshops, store purchases, and more.


Investigation Station

Think like a scientist as you gather evidence and look for answers. Topics vary from chemistry investigations to making your own electricity.


Live Animal Story Time

Hear a story and meet its animal star in a presentation made especially for our younger visitors. Learn more about this presentation.


Boston Marathon® Activities

Do you like to run? Know someone who does? Or do you just like to learn about the science behind endurance running and training? Learn more about what it takes to train for a long distance race like the Boston Marathon. Enjoy interpretations with Museum staff and volunteers, guest speakers, and all the human biology-related components in the Hall of Human Life. Learn more about this event.


Clubhouse Circuits

Build your own electrical circuit! You'll have access to various materials like copper tape, light-emitting diodes, and coin cell batteries as you create a circuit of your own design. During the process, you'll be able to explore what electricity needs in order to do work.


Shake Things Up

Use your creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills to engineer a model building that can withstand an earthquake!


Signature Events:


ReelAbilities Film Festival Presents Endless Abilities

In this fun, surprising documentary, four best friends drive cross-country in search of adaptive sports for individuals who live with physical disabilities. Their cameras captured their extraordinary adventures, including rock climbing with people who are blind, playing soccer with quadriplegics, and more. Learn more about this event.


Editing the Genome. Now We Can. Should We?

From yogurt to HIV to mosquitos, scientists are coming up with new ways to use a gene editing technique that is more precise, efficient, and flexible. Learn about the technique's benefits and risks, and share your opinion about potential applications. Learn more about this event.


Stories Under the Stars

Enjoy an evening of live storytelling, radio, and music with science reporter Ari Daniel. Hear true stories on the theme of "Light in the Dark" unfold beneath the canopy of our cosmos. Learn more about this event.


Space Station

Join game designer Jared Sorensen and the Planetarium team as we break new ground. Inspired by the text-parsing games of the 80s, Space Station allows the audience to play a single character trying to survive a dangerous situation…in space! Learn more about this event.


Additional Events:


Soundscience Fun!

Curious about sound and music? We welcome all ages to learn, sing, move and explore the science of sound in this lively, interactive performance. Through demonstrations and songs, we'll cook up a recipe for sound, ride a sound wave, hum about drums, sing about strings, and have fun!


Giants of Science by the North Cambridge Family Opera Company

Enjoy an exciting collection of songs highlighting the lives and work of great scientists and mathematicians, some famous and some less well known, who have shaped our understanding of the world. The songs, in a variety of musical styles, are sung by an intergenerational chorus accompanied by a slideshow of song lyrics and children's artwork.


Museum Exhibits:


Yawkey Gallery on the Charles River

Visit our newest permanent exhibition and explore the connections between engineering and nature on the Charles River. Learn more about this exhibit.


Animals: Machines in Motion

Discover the marvels of natural engineering! See how humans draw upon the adaptations of living and extinct species for modern innovations such as prosthetic limbs. You can also come face-to-face with a life-size cast of T. rex Sue, the largest and most complete T. rex ever discovered. Learn about this exhibit.

Friday, April 15 – Sunday, April 24 | Exhibit Halls hours


Various locations in and near the Museum

Recommended for

Grades Pre-K – 12 and adults

Events are free or free with Exhibit Halls admission.

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