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  • Astronomy After Hours

    How awesome is astronomy? Participate in the Museum's free Friday night astronomy activities, including stargazing and more, and find out!

  • Evil Dead II: With Dr. Steven Schlozman

    Listen as psychiatrist Steven Schlozman gives an overview of the neurobiology of our affinity for scary movies, then watch the film!

  • Crops, Water, and Climate Change: What Can We Learn from the Maya?

    Transform your understanding of the collapse of the Maya and what can be learned from their wondrous achievements and mysterious demise.

  • Book Club for the Curious

    The Book Club for the Curious is designed especially for those who are interested in science and technology and how it impacts our society.

  • The Origins of Maya Civilization: New Insights from Ceibal

    Learn how anthropologists Takeshi Inomata and Daniela Triadan have revolutionized our understanding of the Maya.

  • Free Film Fridays

    Thanks to generous support from MathWorks, all films in the Mugar Omni Theater each Friday in March (6, 13, 20, and 27) are free!

  • Arsenic and Old Lace: With Journalist Deborah Blum

    Watch Cary Grant discover that his two beloved aunts are poisoning lonely old men, and learn all about arsenic — from past to present.

  • Provocative Question Forum: Nanotech and Consumer Products

    Learn about the issues with consumer products containing nanoparticles, discuss the trade-offs, and share recommendations with others.

  • Food on Film Presents: FED UP

    Join Mark Hyman, a physician featured in the film, for a screening and discussion of the defining public health issue of our time.

  • Cosmic Loops: Music Beneath the Stars

    Soar through nebulas, black holes, and time itself as two accomplished musicians celebrate Einstein's theory of relativity in the Planetarium.

  • Depression, Suicide, and Resilience

    Step into the world of depression and to the forefront of techniques that may reduce its pervasiveness and the incidence of suicide.

  • The Science Behind the Stars

    Save the date for the 6th annual signature event of the Museum of Science, The Science Behind the Stars!

  • J-Walt's Spontaneous Fantasia

    Sample a virtual reality where 3-D dancing figures and landscapes are all designed from scratch and in real time in the Planetarium.

  • Eating Bottles, Drinking Clouds, and Texting Your Evening Meal

    Embark on a night of sensorial discovery at David Edwards's newest culture lab, Le Laboratoire Cambridge.

  • Alive Inside: Music As Medicine

    Join us for a screening and provocative discussion to explore music and the mind, the brain's plasticity, and the power of music to heal.