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  • Astronomy After Hours

    How awesome is astronomy? Participate in the Museum's free Friday night astronomy activities, including stargazing and more, and find out!

  • Orion's First Test Flight

    Join us as NASA tests its next generation crew vehicle, the Orion Crew Module, and watch its 20,000 mile-per-hour re-entry live on our stage!

  • Airplane!: With Professor R. John Hansman

    Before a viewing of the comedy classic Airplane!, R. John Hansman of MIT will highlight modern flight automation systems in commercial aircraft.

  • Book Club for the Curious

    The Book Club for the Curious is designed especially for those who are interested in science and technology and how it impacts our society.

  • Computer Science Education Weekend

    Join us for fun, ongoing activities as we celebrate Computer Science Education Weekend!

  • Maya – Hidden Worlds Revealed Field Trip Planning Workshop

    Preview the exhibition and learn about related Museum resources, including the new Tales of the Maya Skies Planetarium show.