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  • Astronomy After Hours

    How awesome is astronomy? Participate in the Museum's free Friday night astronomy activities, including stargazing and more, and find out!

  • Assistive Technology Clothing Design

    Join us for a sneak peek at prototype designs for assistive clothing and check out creations that are both fashionable and functional!

  • The Sweet Side of Chemistry – Candy

    Learn the chemistry of sweet, sour, stretchy, and sticky, explore the science behind foams and gels, and learn how artificial sweeteners work.

  • National Chemistry Week Celebration

    Watch professor Bassam Shakhashiri's demonstrations and participate in hands-on activities celebrating The Sweet Side of Chemistry — Candy!

  • The Abyss: With Dr. Graham Shimmield

    Marine geochemist Dr. Graham Shimmield discusses real-life oceanic mysteries before a viewing of James Cameron's epic The Abyss.

  • Sleep, Memory, and Dreams: How Your Brain Keeps Working All Night

    Investigate the tireless work that goes into making us feel refreshed during this Lee and Nile Albright Annual Symposium.

  • Book Club for the Curious

    The Book Club for the Curious is designed especially for those who are interested in science and technology and how it impacts our society.

  • How Do We Think? How Do We Learn?

    Give students the opportunity to learn and ask questions about some novel research studies being done in our Living Laboratory ®

  • Earth, Asteroids, and Beyond: A Citizen Forum for NASA's Asteroid Initiative

    Participate in a day of deliberation to offer input to the decision-makers who are shaping the future of America's space program.