Fall College and Career Access Intern


This intern will work to directly respond to the needs identified through this assessment. Activities will include outreach to increase numbers of applicants for scholarships available to Clubhouse members, creating resources on how to select post-secondary choices, piloting a certificate of achievement for Clubhouse members and convening live virtual and online activities and events for the Computer Clubhouses. These events will support the college application process as it is going on in Fall 2014 for US Clubhouses, supporting their members in meeting college entrance deadlines, and creating a national online community of college-bound Clubhouse members. Specifically, these live events will be a pilot program designed to increase the numbers of Clubhouse members applying to college, to encourage them to also apply for scholarship funding and to leverage their Clubhouse experience into career-applicable skills. In so doing, these members will also be linked to the Network, encouraging them to stay connected once they turn 19 and officially become alumni. The intern will also be able to participate in local C2C events around the metro-Boston region and will meet and network with other college and career access organizations in the Boston area as he/she gathers best practices and resources.

Department Summary

The Computer Clubhouse provides a creative and safe after-school learning environment where young people (ages 10-18) from under-served communities work with adult mentors to explore their own ideas, develop skills, and build confidence in themselves through the use of technology. Youth are supported in their creative exploration of the music studio, video production suites, digital art and graphic design stations, the Lego mind-storm and robotics work bench as well as other production spaces stocked with professional software programs and high end technology. Using the "original" Clubhouse at the Museum as a model, the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network, based at the Museum of Science, supports community-based Clubhouses around the world, providing thousands of youth with access to resources, skills, and experiences to help them succeed in their careers, contribute to their communities, and lead outstanding lives. Today there are over 100 Clubhouses in 20 countries around the world. For more information, see www.computerclubhouse.org.

The Network’s Clubhouse to College/Clubhouse to Career (C2C) Program, supports Clubhouse members (ages 13-18) and its alumni (ages 19+) to successfully pursue their educational and career goals. Based on a 2013 survey of 200 Clubhouse alumni, their greatest needs and interests are in college and career support (over 75% identified this as a top priority). Currently the Network is conducting a C2C needs assessment to identify the most in-demand resources and services within this field.


• Work directly with C2C Program Manager to administer, collect and review results of needs assessment and create an action plan of activities and strategies to address the results.
• Create compelling on-line materials and activity plans that increase numbers of Clubhouse members and alumni apply for scholarships.
• Design and circulate materials to support Clubhouse members in selecting and applying to post-secondary education and career choices.
• With the C2C program manager, design and support the dissemination of a pilot program providing certificates of achievement to Clubhouse members and alumni.
• Research and share other best practices, online resources and local organizations working in college and career access
• Disseminate, evaluate and revise materials based on feedback from international Clubhouses and alumni
• Make contacts and Network with local college and career access organizations and share resources with the local network of Boston area Clubhouses
• Be involved with other aspects of the C2C program as necessary
• Engage in your own learning and exploration

Minimum Qualifications

• Strong interpersonal skills
• Effective communication skills
• Strong organizational skills; detail-oriented and deadline-oriented
• Some experience in college and career access processes (i.e. resume and interview skills, college and scholarship applications, job searches, networking, etc.)
• Knowledge of any foreign languages a plus (Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic, Danish, or Russian)
• Interest in the Clubhouse philosophy
• Experience/ and or interest in working with young people
• Technical/ and or art skills OR commitment to developing skills
• Curiosity and interest in learning more about technology, working with young people, and being part of the Clubhouse Community
• Open to new people and ideas
• There will be a mandatory orientation on Saturday, September 27th from 1:00 – 5:00 pm, in addition to 3 Professional Development Workshops during the semester.

Additional Details

Hours / Days Per Week

Approx. 10 hours/week, approx. 15 weeks Flexible hours/days, Monday – Thursday 9:00 – 5:00


$8.00 - $8.25 hourly


Fall 2014 (September – December)

How To Apply

In order to be considered for an internship, please email the internship program coordinator with the following:

  • The exact internship position title in the subject line
  • A cover letter detailing your interest in and relevant experience related to a specific internship position
  • A resumé that includes contact information of three references

You may apply for multiple positions; please send a separate email with a tailored cover letter for each position. Emails are preferred and can be processed more quickly. However, we are also able to accept cover letters and resumés by mail or fax if necessary:

Mail to:

Internship Program Coordinator Museum of Science Science Park Boston, MA 02114

617-589-0362 (FAX) interncoordinator@mos.org

Equal Opportunity Employer

The Museum of Science seeks to recruit, hire, develop, promote, and retain individuals from racially and culturally diverse backgrounds and persons with disabilities. We strive to create and sustain a more affirming environment for all staff, interns, volunteers, trustees and overseers. We value expertise gained at the Museum and encourage professional development and career growth.